swamped (but super) saturday

More pointless stories, dear readers. Come on, I know you like reading them. =)

Icon credit goes to www.relaxorium.com.Anyway, I rarely get up early on Saturdays. These rare occasions include a general assembly where I will get free breakfast, casual get-together with far too many colleagues and a minimal allowance that I can use for some little shopping. Precisely what we had today.

The general assembly was satisfactory even if I missed an hour of it because Raft3r, Marie, Lalaine, Mon and I went outside the venue to scout for fishball and cheap fruit shake stands to wake us up. When we got back, there was a heated debate involving stipends. After everything that transpired, I thought if taking higher studies in labor laws and industrial relations would be awesome. I’m still wondering about it until now.

I found myself in TriNoMa for lunch after the gathering. It was my first time there, and my first time to ride the MRT from one end to the other. =) We had lunch in Conti’s. Their baked salmon made my day but their mango bravo didn’t. I am going back anyway, if only to try their other dishes.

//community.livejournal.com/l_o_v_eicons.I did a little shopping again to erase items in my modest Christmas gifts list. I just like giving gifts. I’m not your conventional role model of generosity anyway because for every kind of stuff I got for people, I bought something for myself as well, even if it’s not the same kind. So maybe I like giving but it includes myself in the recipient list ALL the time. =)

I was tired lugging my purchases (because they include lots of small ceramic stuff!) so I had a quick bite of cinnamon pecan bun at Cinnabon. It was too late when I realized that I do hate anything cinnamon-flavored. Tsk.

After using tons of energy battling  a throng of people in the train station, I arrived home feeling like a worn out donkey (I like associating myself with elephants or pigs but they don’t get as tired as horses or mules, do they?).


as seen on tvI watched House’s Joy To The World episode for the second time and all I can say is it was a great decision on my part to not have too much expectations because true enough, too many plot lines were cramped in 43 minutes of the show and while I’m ecstatic for Dr. Cuddy getting a baby, it felt too contrived. I still loved the episode though. I guess they made it that way because, hey, they’re on television, and sappiness is quite a norm during the holiday season. It wasn’t as coldly received as I thought it was because Cuddy’s baby plot made it to #2 of TVGuide.com’s Top TV moments this week.  Interestingly, House and Cuddy’s kiss five episodes back made it to #5 of Television Without Pity’s Year In Review 2008: Anticipated TV Moments That Paid Off. Yet another interesting news is Lisa Edelstein, who plays Dr. Lisa Cuddy, was at #4 in 15 of TV’s Sexiest Women Over 40

Hugh Laurie wasn’t left behind since he was in Late Night with Conan O’Brien last Wednesday and oh-em-gee, he’s hosting SNL tonight for the second time!!! I can’t wait to watch this one. Great, great weekend updates, yeah.

I’m off to watch Videodrome now. I cleaned my DVD closet and found it hidden behind Finding Nemo. =) I don’t know if I can enjoy it as I do other weird films because right now, I’m so tired as f*ck. Well, I’ll try. The film made it to a certain list of weirdest films of all time. I would have watched two from the list after this one, having watched I♥Huckabees three years ago (duude, I remember I watched it on my flight back from DC; ah, my so-Mr. Bean traveler moments are rushing back…remind me to blog about them soon, hahaha!). Anyway, I don’t dig the list so much because it surprisingly left out A Clockwork Orange and only included one film of David Lynch while for a time I thought he only existed to make weird movies. =) 


//community.livejournal.com/l_o_v_eiconsI checked, honestly asked myself, checked yet again and after a few tosses and turns, I can finally say…I’m over it. Not over everything about it but I am over it. It might come back again, it could bear fruit in the future, it may work out after all when I’m 30 as our unserious and silly promise goes, but at present, NOW, I can look at the situation and just smile and mean it. I am happy. I allow myself to feel it because I know what it is. In our last conversation, I gathered he is not happy per se at this point in time in his life, and he only categorizes feel good moments as “fixed and identifiable points”. Whatever he feels now, I don’t know, I don’t care, and frankly, it doesn’t make a difference anymore. I am not fully closing this chapter, he is still special to me, but as of now, yahoo, a very merry Christmas to me, I’m finally out of the woods. =)

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  1. ^ yeah, ok naman. hope you enjoy going inside the scandalous lives of manhattan’s elite! hehe.
    tingan mo ikaw, di pa House binili mo. tsk =)

  2. yummy friend,
    ok ba ang gossip girl?
    sale season 1 dvd nila
    500 lang
    kaya binili ko


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