Monday, not so memorable

I’m not feeling well. I hope I will be good to go tomorrow for our org-wide party. I’m not so stoked about our simple dance presentation which was only included as a convenient filler while waiting for invited local celebrities. It wasn’t a grand production but I came to appreciate all my dance-mates so if only for those new bonds forged, I’m excited to go on stage and dance. =)

This was a very busy day, as usual.  My deputy will be on leave beginning tomorrow till the end of the year so hopefully there won’t be too much on my plate. I can only delegate so much. Hahaha!

I capped my day with a large cup of frappucino and a slice of sub-standard banana loaf (Mum’s is so much better!!!) while reading a book. You know me, that’s a normal thing for me to do so I can declutter my often-messy mind.

As a result, I got to mentally outline resurfacing plans for next year: enroll in a new graduate course, learn a new language, travel more locally. I don’t want to expound because they might blow up when explored further. I’ll take baby steps to their fruition, time and finances considered, of course. As regards traveling, I may need to consult (aka try to tag along with) Dong from now on.

I also decided to crosspost once more in my livejournal.  I have been spending too much time there since I got bitten by the House, MD bug.  Commenting there is actually breezier and like what I had before, I could gain more new friends there.  I stopped frowning on friendships formed online because truth be told, I’d rather have them, scattered all over the world, than friends in my country who are so busy enough to not even get in touch, or detached so much to understand the things you like at the moment.

For now, let me read more on the shoe-throwing and Mar’s intentional expletive last Friday. I am so behind with all the goings-on both here and abroad. Tsk.

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3 replies

  1. dong – sinabi mo yan ha!

    raft3r – hahaha, obvious nga. para kang si palos, all of a sudden nasa ballroom ka na. hanep. the things you do for marian.

  2. marian!

    i’m still blushing.

    sarap ng tulog ko nito

  3. hehehe… sure. anytime judayski.

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