watery Wednesday

It’s so in to be sick lately. Let’s blame centralized air conditioning, y’all.

I have been in heat, no, on fire, since last night. This is the kind of condition that cannot be cured by medication alone. I downed everything necessary, within responsible periods, but rest has been conveniently missing so I’m still very sick.

I’m just rubbing it in because I can. I also needed an outlet because I cannot afford to be out of the office. I’m still here. Still here. Still here. Well, it’s actually past my official hours but my point is I was here the whole day. I am still a good employee after all. Come on, just be proud of me.

Runny nose, runny nose is a bitch. And of all days for the company nurse to be out on emergency call, it happened today. Well, I heard lots of employees were down and out this week. My boss even had to leave home early because she’s too sick today. I figured I’d stay the whole day anyway…and infect other people. I’m spreading my holiday love through viruses.

It just feels odd that the more I’m so down and sleepy and disgusting, the more I feel sharp. I expected to be incoherent and out of focus because of my condition but it’s the opposite. Maybe it’s fueled by my motivation to be well because as I said, I cannot skip work until the 24th. I’m amazed by my speed in hitting back timely replies, even in remembering dates and client names off the bat. Nice.

All I can think of now is my bed, Travis my TV, hot soup, and House. I had a dream while napping during lunch that I was in the PPTH clinic while House was doing his “Hello, sick people” monologue in season 1.

I hope I’m feeling well tomorrow, well enough to endure another grueling eight hours. Someday, when I’m insanely rich, I won’t have to do a whiny post like this when I’m struck with a very nasty rhinovirus. I’m just gonna go, “So sick today. Will stay in bed. Hearts all over the world, my babies. Ta-ta!”

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  1. Hope you feel better, Judy.

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