tethered on a random Thursday

Tethered to work, that is. I’m not complaining though. Just whining. Again.

I’m still very ill. I noticed I’m cranky when I am. Like, I don’t appreciate being asked why I am still in the office (because I want to, shouldn’t it be reason enough?), I don’t like being held (which is odd because I’m such a cuddly person – hah) and I just want to be left alone.

Well, the last one, it’s hard because I chose to be at work. Even when I have a million hours’ worth of sick leave credits. No, don’t ask why I didn’t file for one. See, I hate being asked that.

One of my staff is coughing and sniffing already. I successfully spread my virus. Yessss.

The best story I learned today (aside from it’s payday!) is that Emma Thompson is working on a screen adaptation of My Fair Lady and her first choice to play Henry Wiggins is none other than Hugh Laurie. I hope the production people will see it the way Emma did. He would be awesome for the role.

Isn’t it annoyingly cute that Daniel Powter’s BAD DAY is playing while I’m typing this short one?

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3 replies

  1. they’re remaking my fair lady?? that is a must-see. yay emma!

    see you tomorrow judie! hope you’re feeling better 😀

  2. ^ haha, she still came to work today, dong. malakas ang resistensya, after all. happy weekend!

  3. “One of my staff is coughing and sniffing already. I successfully spread my virus. Yessss.”

    >>> hahaha… you’re funny.

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