fluffy Friday

I am feeling better today, actually since last night, because I did three strategies that worked perfectly:

1. double the nurse’s recommended dosage of meds
2. go shopping
3. DIY mani-pedi

Anyway, half of this day’s devoted to work (good Lord, they never stop) and the other half is for our holiday party! I am most excited for this one because it is ours. I’m too enclosed that way, yeah. Anyway, it wasn’t with no glitches but me thinks we all had fun.  We have way cool colleagues this year. Uhm, period. =)

I still have tons of work to do but I’ll save them for next week. We’re working till the 24th, people! That’s like a couple of hours before Noche Buena. Oh well, that’s real life to you! So students, stop your pointless complaints over how hectic your school schedules are, you whiners. =)

I’m just happy that party invites are sprouting one by one. While I’m not partying everyday, I felt that almost four days of being sick totally bummed out my fatty cells. Need activities, one and all. And this, on top of lending support to friends with their “adult” problems, i.e., infidelity, bitter present partners harassing exes online, separation anxiety, child custody, overstaying in-laws and missing huge piles of money. It makes me feel good to be immature and intentionally ignorant sometimes.

My online friends are having mixed reactions about the latest Ausiello spoiler where Cuddy “offered” her Dean of Medicine job to Cameron. They put it like, “Cameron it, Cuddy out” so people reacted at first read. In my very humble opinion, it shouldn’t be a cause for alarm because (1) it was an old spoiler (2) it’s as if Cameron would last (and I don’t hate Cameron, I like her as a doctor, and as Chase’s partner) (3) Cuddy will definitely be back (4) or if she doesn’t, in that capacity, she wouldn’t still be out of the plot (5) did Cameron say YES to the offer? Cuddy was asking her about doing House’s budget and other fluff so she might be looking at delegating some of her functions to Cameron, particularly handling the Department of Diagnostic Medicine; there’s no way she could by-pass the board of directors of the hospital in deciding such…I know i’m thinking too much here, but anyway, my last point being (6) hello, Greg House is the star of the show; while I admit to liking more Cuddy/House and Cuddy/House/Wilson scenes, I’d be bothered if spoilers come around that House would give up being head of Diagnostic Medicine, or anything close to it. As long as it’s not him, I  can handle anything (and by anything, see, I even like Foreman and Thirteen now).

Motherhood may suit Cuddy well and it’s a development in her character (“may” because another spoiler said, I think it was also Ausiello, that she may rethink this whole motherhood thing soon…could be that it’s too big a change and she may realize that being dean and administrator is her first “baby” after all).  I don’t foresee Cameron standing up to House the way Cuddy has had.  House will definitely miss Cuddy and her control-seeking narcissism. Plus even if Cameron is cuter and has softer features, she doesn’t have Cuddy’s ass.  Enough said. =)

Wow, 12 days to go and it’s 2009. Wow.


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2 replies

  1. raft3r, kaya pala you’re MIA yesterday, was hoping to pull you out of your office since we’re having our party next door lang. hope you’re well soon. uso yata sa opisina by the bay ang mahinang resistensya. hehe =) i miss you!

  2. ang tindi mo
    ako thursday night sumakit lalamunan at kasu-kasunan
    nilagnat ng madaling araw
    absent na agad sa trabaho
    mag lagnat pa din ako til now

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