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I was three weeks late but I truly enjoyed the first eight minutes of the last episode for the year of Brothers & Sisters, Just A Sliver.  It aired on the first week of December but it still tackled the Walker family’s Thanksgiving.  It was emotional with little Elizabeth’s liver transplant.  Since Tommy Walker (Balthazar Getty) was sterile and he still wanted a child that is a Walker, he asked his brothers Kevin (Matthew Rhys) and Justin (Dave Annable) to donate their sperm. They did not know who baby Lizzie’s real dad was until her condition surfaced, which required the identification of the real father for a possible liver transplant. Turned out it was Kevin! As in my favorite whiny gay lawyer (and now Senator Robert McAllister [Rob Lowe]’s Communications Director) Kevin (who’s married to equally adorable Scotty, who in real life is Luke McFarlane, Wentworth Miller’s ex, bwahahaha!). =)

Anyway, before all the heartbreaking drama in the hospital, the Walker sibs discovered they’re all skipping their mom Nora’s (Sally Field) Thanksgiving dinner because of prior commitments, except for the eldest, Sarah (Rachel Griffiths). It was amusing how they all fight like ten-year olds just to choose who will tell their mom of the sudden change in their yearly tradition. I found a video of the end of the scene; it would have been cool to include how Kitty (Calista Flockhart) and Kevin first discovered each other’s plans of not going, then they both called Justin and found out the same, and then all three of them tele-conferenced with Tommy to ask about the same thing. Even if you’re not a fan of the show, as long as you have at most four siblings, you can really relate. Here’s the video:

Next to my great anticipation on the return of House, I can’t wait for next year to see what would happen to this quirky but lovable family in its third season.

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