thankful, grateful

I am happy and thankful because —

smiley~ I spent my Saturday afternoon going around Bonifacio High Street, with a huge chunk of my time spent in Fully Booked. I’ve been there many times but only at night, never on daytime.  Now that I tried it, I could do it everyday. Over and over.

~ I have wonderful bookclub friends. Major props to TJ for everything he told me. If I’d be stuck in an island, aside from a box of books, I want TJ to be with me. I also want him to be the next president of the Philippines. =) Tata, Gabi, Nicole, Rich and Christian have been great great companions, too (and Venice and Nerie, of course). I love you, guys. =)

~ I bought The Luxe, my I need-to-read-you guilty pleasure for weeks now. Sort of a 19th century Gossip Girl in theme. What’s not to like? =) I’m almost done with it. I should have bought its sequel, Rumors, too. Tsk.

~ I discovered Eva Ibbotson, a British novelist of young adult pieces…although I’m not completely convinced if she’s as good as she’s marketed to be.

~ I bought Revolutionary Road even if I really don’t like book covers of adapted novels with the film’s stars in it. Erwin mentioned it to me months ago and I think I confused it with Reservation Road, which incidentally was made into a movie, too. My Reservation…copy will arrive in a few days. I can start reading them before catching the movie versions.

~ I only differentiated Revolutionary Road from Reservation Road when Kate Winslet was on Ellen a few days ago. I became curious with Kate Winslet so after imdb, youtube and various fansites clicks after, I am smitten by Ms. Winslet. =) She’s another British actor I’ve taken interest in; remember Emma Thompson, and, hello, Hugh Laurie? I am falling in love with their accent, most especially. =)

~I finished my Christmas shopping.

~ I am happy.

~ I don’t despise children anymore. In fact, I want to have them already. I’ve told not a few people that maybe, this terrible and twisted form of my self-love ironically manifested in my low self-esteem MAY be cured by having a child. Let’s see.

~ Someone told me, without any of the obligatory hellos, “You’ll be fine” punctuated by one of the sweetest smiles I’ve seen in my life.  I managed to give a shy smile and I responded, “I’m getting there.”

You are not him, alright, you are not filling in someone’s big shoes. It’s precisely why I am not confused at all, I can definitely tell the vast difference between what was not (and perhaps never will be) and what is worth exploring in due time.

~ I had PopTarts for dinner, after a very long time.

~ The January issue of Vanity Fair, the one with Tina Fey on the cover, arrived last Friday!!! I have not forgiven VF altogether but this is slightly better than nothing. They still have issues, literal and otherwise, to settle with me. Right now, I’m happy to be reading their articles again (hell, I even missed Graydon Carter’s letter from the editor!). Tina Fey was profiledJoseph Stiglitz wrote about Alan Greenspan and Henry Paulson and the economic missteps of the United States. Katie Couric answered the Proust  Questionnaire.

~ I will only work for three days then I’ll have eight days of vacation!!! I think I want to dance…

dancing queen =)dancing queen =)dancing queen =)dancing queen =)

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6 replies

  1. You dance well. Seriously, the chihuahuas you put in are so adorable!

  2. Yes nice seeing you too!!! although i lost you in fully booked again. palagi na lang tayo nagkakanda-walaan sa fully booked. @_@ haha! merry christmas judie!

  3. dong– yay, 3rd floor is my favorite too! plus starbucks is on that floor din so if you get tired of browsing, you can grab a cup while reading. i still savor sitting on the carpeted floor though. dorkiness, yes? =)

    raft3r– sana matapos ka na sa christmas shopping mo, kumusta naman, ilang araw na lang pasko na? =)

    lai– hey, how’s hawaii? how’s hawaii??? anyway, like raft3r, i hope matapos na din christmas shopping mo.

    about my sisterette, naku i haven’t spoken to her since her birthday, too!!! buti kamo naabutan ko pa, she was busy packing when i called. not sure pa din but we might see each other day after christmas. lezzie. =)

    and oh, baka mausog din yung italicized text kaya di ko na rin irereveal for now. nakakakilig lang after all the insanity. naks =)

  4. i havent even started my christmas shopping yet!! i told myself i’ll do it tomorrow, on my day off. anyway, no comment on the italicized text…

    i just remembered… i have NOT spoken to your sister since her birthday! i reminded her over and over again to try and get you the December issue of VF. She said she will look, but i’m not sure if she got it. Have you talked to her yet?

  5. tapos ka na
    pasimula pa lang ako mamili

    i like fully booked, too
    for a different reason
    may movie/music section sila, eh
    medyo extensive din ang selection
    pero i’m not that impressed

  6. i too like the fully booked there. you can spend the whole day there. my favorite area is the third floor.

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