Merry Christmas!!!

tigger-xmasSo this is Christmas. What have you done? Wow, I’m asking myself the same thing.

This day doesn’t feel so Christmas-y, have you noticed? I’m not being Grinchy though. I’m not expecting anything fabulous either. Technically, today signals my first day of a rather long break which I should use very well to prepare for the long grind that’s 2009.

I’ve done nothing but eat (lechon will be the death of me, if not now, maybe in the future), stare in space, and watch House.  Sorry, I have not even returned text messages! I’m planning to reach a hundred messages before I do, hahaha.

Speaking of House, I’ve been too worked up on season 3 (2006-2007) and oh elves, what a fun it has been. I think people in the house are annoyed because I’ve been glued to Sophie (my laptop, who will turn one soon!) since last night. Anyway, I missed a lot in this season because I did not watch it in chronology when the Detective Tritter arc was on. Most very good episodes aired this season however, and even after two years, I can still say that Half-Wit, the one with Dave Matthews‘ awesome guest performance, is the best episode that season. It’s also where Cameron kissed House to get a blood sample (ok fine, House kissed back but sorry, House kissed Cuddy two years after that, and it was longer, hotter and more needy, y’all). Oh, it’s where House faked cancer. And where House grabbed Cuddy’s ass (“One small feel for man, one giant ass for mankind”). I liked this episode so much I watched it again with audio commentaries from David Shore and Katie Jacobs, the creators of House. Don’t be so surprised, I’m a real dork that way, and I really like watching episodes with audio commentaries.=)

My friends have hot stories to update me with so I’m excited to plan my next few days. My nephew, meanwhile, wants to go to the zoo. Today. I’m so confused, I don’t know what to do.

I guess I’m not as ecstatic as most people are given this supposedly festive day but I did try asking myself if I’m okay, and my answer is yes. Oh wait, I have not even opened my presents! I guess it’s still a cool Christmas after all.

Thanks to Jennifer for my Tigger Christmas graphic.

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