Do Nothing Day

sleeping-pigWhen I have several days off from work, I usually have one of them devoted to being useless. My eight-year old niece termed it Do Nothing Day; I don’t know where she got it, and she wouldn’t tell. It fits though and I like it.

My Do Nothing Day is mostly dominated by an extreme compulsion to sleep. Of course, when I’m on the bed, I would fall asleep. I read a magazine on my stomach, I would be asleep after a few pages. I watch TV on the couch, and yes, I would fall asleep with my hand holding the remote, probably dozing off in the middle of channel-surfing. I can even nap while sitting in the toilet. I’m that good. =)

I simply think it’s my body’s way of making up for all days and nights that I deprived myself of sufficient sleep. I used to be bothered by it but now, I just tolerate it. It’s one of my rest days, for Greg’s sake. =)

During moments where I can hold up being alive, I watch DVDs. At one point, my mother had to inspect House DVD cases and with a disappointed sigh, asked me what did I ever see in him. I simply smiled.

Tomorrow! Tomorrow should and would be fun.

Everything is conditional. You just can’t always anticipate the conditions. (Gregory House)

Any relationship that involves choice, you have to see how far you can push before it breaks. (James Wilson)

I adore House writers. They’re only from one episode. I discovered that House is consistent with his disbelief of unconditional feelings. In an episode last November, he told Cuddy,”There’s no unconditional love, only unconditional need.” Nice.

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4 replies

  1. lai– yipee, you’re watching House!!! it’s okay, the medical stuff made the show exciting anyway. and House’s rudeness! sana maenjoy mo. alam mo, ican conveniently say that seasons one and two have more interesting medical cases…plus they have clinic patients where House can insult more people. mas masaya =)

    raft3r– sleep is better than sex (parang yung cake, hehe). or maybe, sleep is better after sex. hala, ano ba yun, hahaha!!! enjoy your break…papasok ka pa sa tuesday, bwahaha!!!

    dong– that’s how we pros do it!!! =)

  2. you’ve got the pefect figure for this post. hahaha… in my case, i too just sleep. read travel magazines and sleep again. hahaha…

  3. hehe
    masarap yata matulog
    ako kulang ngam eh
    had to get up early since may binyag akong pinuntahan

  4. I actually started watching House. I’m starting to like it. The medical cases, at least. The personal stuff, I can do without… well, I’m just not up to speed with what’s going on with all them dramas. I started recording all shows on TV (and there’s at least 6 or so a day from different channels showing House) so I’ll try to watch them all… =)

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