to self: stop whining. be random. drink. =)

By the 800th word, I decided to delete my draft post because I was rambling on and on again.  I was on the 800th word and wala pa sya sa kalahati. It’s not a tolerable form of release because even I got pissed when I was reading what I typed. I can be so whiny and emotera and reklamadora even in writing! Argh.

Anyway, my day was satisfactory. No extraordinary moments but I found enjoyment in little activities at home. Pag drained ang bulsa mo, pati mga nook and corners ng bahay na di mo pinapansin, ngayon mas maa-appreciate mo.

So yeah, I woke up early and watched the first three episodes of The Black Adder. Hugh Laurie wasn’t in it yet, sa part II pa pala sya lalabas.  It was funny but British comedy is really different. Parang si Dolphy and Panchito minus the pagpukpok ng naka-roll na dyaryo.

lazy lazy pigAnyway, after watching, I spent time reading an excerpt from Michael Wolff’s latest book about media mogul Rupert Murdoch (steamy family feud, hmm), The Man Who Owns The News. I also browsed an article about Norman Pearlstein’s newest job as chief content officer of Bloomberg L.P. – a news and data company giant started by NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg. I discovered that Bloomberg has larger staffing force than Time. For a brief moment there, I thought, iwanan ko kaya itong very stable and convenient work that I have now and try my luck there? Bloomberg has an extensive media bureau in Asia, I need not go far. Oh well, I snapped out of it immediately. Might not be a good time to plot my career, given the state of Planet Finance. =)  And another oh — I read both of them in Vanity Fair’s December issue. Yup, I have it! My sis brought it upon Laieesha‘s suggestion. Thanks, my loves! Plus Kate Winslet’s in the cover pa, and I really like Kate Winslet now. Inendure ko uli ang Titanic para sa kanya when it was on Star Movies yesterday. =)

Speaking of Kate, I am still reading Revolutionary Road. I cannot help but think of her and Leo when reading the conversations of the protagonists, Frank and April Wheeler.  Richard Yates’ shift from present to past events is smooth, almost flawless. Hindi ka mawawala.I don’t want to finish it just to say I’ve done it before the movie opens here. I’ll finish it kasi gusto ko.

To continue, I saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on ETC but I did not last long. Di ko nagustuhan. I tried watching Fringe (downloaded version) but I deleted it and three other episodes kasi hindi ko rin nagustuhan.

Then my momma, after mapagod kasi silang mga Desperate Housewives nagliwaliw na naman sa Navotas fishport (which translates to two weeks na naman kaming puro seafoods lang; di bale na nga, healthy naman), came up to me and said, “Manood nga tayo ng bloopers ng Friends.” Hahaha!!! Friends! Bloopers! Gusto nya ata talaga sumaya. Fan kasi sya nina Ross at Rachel. So we watched.

I don’t know what I’ll do next. The night is young. I still have three days of freedom. Sometimes, I don’t like planning my life anymore.

This surrender and hopefully a positive reinforcement to take it slow this time were brought by blues from being 27 in 20 days. Taking it in extreme isolation so as not to offend some, and para di rin masira ang integrity ng argument ko, once again, I am freaking out because I’ll be 27 and that’s so old. The only easy way to make me feel better about that is to tell me Bata pa yan, madaming mas matanda sa iyo, blah blah blah. Please stop thinking about your past-27 ages and focus on me, okay? Yung simple fact na yun, yun ang crisis ko. Kiber ko sa kung ilang milyong tao ang 27 and above! Parang walang nakakaintindi nun. Hahaha. Gosh, I’m whining again.

I can’t believe myself. I’m not even drunk now. Which reminds me, I haven’t been drunk in three weeks. This is bad.

Oh, the truth hurts and lies worse
How can I give you anymore
When I love you a little less than before?

Broken Strings, James Morrison

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4 replies

  1. lai– let’s virtually drink to that, hehe!!! terrible crisis tlaga itong meron ako. o baka burnout lang. oh well. =)

    dong– sinusubukan kong madami magawa. eto nga at patapos pa lang ang bakasyon parang bitin na agad… =) ikaw din, enjoy!

    raft3r– tara, inuman na. tagaytay na tayo, tell portia cualing! ang lame naman ng red wine, pampalusog lang ng puso yan eh.

    and planner? tomorrow ko pa topic yan pero ako eh planner-less pagpasok ng 2009. basta. and TGIF? alala mo dati bec. of our xmas party, two stickers na lang meron na sana tayo nyan? eh nawala ko ung sticker card. ahahaha!!!

  2. inuman na

    red wine?

    yummy friend, may planner ako sa TGIF

  3. daming nagagawa pag bakasyon. lalo na ngayon dahil mahaba ang bakasyon. enjoy! hahahaha… medyo weird nga ang bagong version ng charlie…

  4. I’ll drink with you! =P

    Since I couldn’t find VF, I reminded my mom over and over again before I left for Hawaii to make sure she gets that for you… You’re welcome sweetie!

    And about being 27, I’m with you there!! You can just hear how close to -30- that is!! 30! I told myself I’d be settled down by the time I’m 24. I’m 3 years overdue, and still nowhere close to that. Oh well…

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