Movie, movie. I watched Ang Tanging Ina Ninyong Lahat after lunch. The movie wasn’t entirely funny but it had its moments. Eugene Domingo as Rowena really killed me.  I think she’s naturally funny and her background in theater  made her very effective.

I also watched the trailer of The Spirit.  I have no clue about it since I am not a fan of comic books but I am excited to watch it because I missed one of my girl-crushes, Sarah Paulson.  More on her later. I’ll watch it kahit early reviews found it too bland. Kanya-kanyang taste naman yan. Nag-enjoy nga ako sa Meet The Spartans, remember? =)

Commuter tale. My mother and I went home a little late and chanced on a jeep driven by this good-looking driver.  He’s really your typical stockbroker-type, with the way he’s dressed, with smarty eyeglasses to boot. Or di kaya yung lawyer na ang barong gusot-mayaman, hahaha! Guwapo and malinis, as in. This was the third time we had him, and na-connect namin that the past two times, they were weekends, and today’s technically a holiday in the Philippines, so maybe he isn’t a jeepney driver at all. Really, appearance-wise, without meaning to offend all hardworking jeepney drivers ng San Andres-Faura route, this one doesn’t look like one of them. Kasi naman mga itsura nila, halos walang effort; we made an observation years ago that drivers in the Sta. Ana Tulay-Faura route were more groomed than them.  Sila kasi naka-sando lang or lousy shirt (minsan yung shirt nakatali pa sa likod, parang cape! Terible.), then naka-shorts. Basta parang busabos by choice. =) Take note ha, by choice. Parang wala silang pakialam.

Anyway, back to the driver,  Mom said baka libangan lang pag walang pasok sa office, nagpapasada. Hmm, could be. And in almost seven years that I’ve been commuting, halos di ko sya napansin until lately. Anyway, nagulat si Mom when I told her, “Pwede ko syang maging stepdad. Yihee!!!” So ayun ewan kung kinikilig nanay ko hanggang makababa kami. Nung pumara pa ako, I muttered under my breath, “Bye, Papa! Uwi ka po ng maaga!” Kinurot ako ng nanay ko, hahaha!

House recaps.  And you thought I am done talking about House. Of course not.  I re-watched random episodes since it will return on the day after my birthday pa. Also, I had a blast reading recaps from Television Without Pity. The recaps were mostly by the very witty Sara Morrison (no relation to Jennifer who plays Dr. Cameron, I suppose). It will take a regular House viewer though to be able to follow her sarcastic remarks. Enjoying her recaps was the start of my dweeby mode today.

Sorkin-gasm at work.  My super awesome blogfriend Lilium shared two Sports Night episodes where Lisa Edelstein (Dr. Cuddy in House, as in the one whom I want to pattern myself from minus her medical degree, hahaha) appeared.  Sports Night, remember, I was so curious about it? Anyway, after two 30-minute episodes, my love for Aaron Sorkin came rushing back.

Sports Night is actually like The West Wing and Studio 60 in treatment. The “walk and talk” camera technique was particularly amazing. And let’s not forget the dialogues. It’s a right mixture of orthodox and cerebral. Just…wow.

If you follow Sorkin’s TV projects, you would eventually see recurring actors in his shows.  He has a keen eye on what makes a good actor, I’m telling you.  Very good choices.  I wish he returns to television next year. Enough of reality shows already, greedy networks!!!

I mentioned one of my girl-crushes, Sarah, who’s gay in real life (I wonder if she and Cherry Jones are still together?), and it made me smile.  She’s not in my very short list of Women Who Make Me Want To Be Totally Bi (because I only have there Olivia Wilde and Ivanka Trump — and please don’t ask why, I can’t explain it either!). However, she’s in my list of My Girl Crushes, along with Madeleine Stowe, Portia de Rossi-Degeneres, Marsha Thomason, Isla Fisher and Kate Winslet (as the latest addition).

Anyway, in case you forgot (or didn’t know), Sarah’s the beautiful Harriet Hayes in Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Gosh, I missed her and Matt Albie. No, I missed the show. Before my fandom for House came back, I was so into it last year. Good times. =)  Unless I’ve not been paying attention, The Spirit is her first appearance after Studio 60. Manonood ako talaga.Plus she’ll be in a new “old” show titled Cupid next year. No high hopes there pero it’s better than no Sarah at all. Let’s see.

For now, let me get my Studio 60 DVDs. Na-miss ko sila bigla ah. They’re all so imperfect and damaged there. The West Wing may figure out in my preference, too, while waiting to ring in 2009. If you need to indulge in a form of nerdy fandom for Aaron Sorkin, visit Watching Studio60 and read on.  Wordy and unintelligible at first glance, but sue me, plunging into it made my day very interesting, to think I’m still a certified dork in progress.

Guess who’s celebratin’.  I can’t believe it’s been a year.  I have Raft3r to thank for the most part of this wonderful thing that happened.  Happy first birthday, Simone!!! One year it has been, and you’ve already experienced an overwhelming amount of  insane tapping and typing about a hopelessly dysfunctional rollercoaster ride called my life!!! =)

One day to go! =)

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  1. damn you for getting me to watch House!! =P

    seriously, it’s a good show. i’ve been watching reruns, and they’ve been having marathons. i programmed my DVR to only record 7 episodes at a time so i won’t be too overwhelmed at para hindi mapuno ung dvr ko. i’m trying to watch several episodes a day… katuwa! =)

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