read this only if you’re bored.

it’s almost four. in the past hour, simone and i were celebrating her post-1st birthday party by clicking and typing and stuff when i discovered something i didn’t really mean to see.

piecing together everything i know, i can only say, what a mess has it been. but that is only from the variables i know. i do not know nor have access to the real stuff going on. just operating on assumptions here because it’s fun.

see, he kept on telling me i’m crazy i’m crazy, i’m crazy and maybe i am, but only because i chose to be meddlesome and chismosa, to an extent. if i withdraw from all of that, i am not crazy anymore, but just a random spectator who would still say, wow, what a mighty mess has it been IF ever that’s what happened. even if i did not know who left who, or who strayed first, still, sayang yun ah, gone, finished, just like that?

as a general lesson, i am now wishing for everyone’s happiness in all decisions made because life is short to have regrets. more importantly, being pakialamera with other people’s lives is just so uncool.  atsaka my horoscope told me i should avoid conflict altogether in 2009. hahaha =)

will take a bath then do 2008 lousy surveys then arrange the fruits and other foodiemathingie my mom bought for media noche. my mom’s gotten crazy over boxed fruits, and after dividing boxes into four households [the other three being her co-desperate housewives’], we still have lots of fruits (13 different kinds of them dahil sabi sa feng shui) enough to have a fruit stand sa san andres market. psssh.

eight hours to go, mortals.

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  1. blame PMS for this pretty mahabang sulat =) « ♣ judiefication ♣

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