One of my last posts for the year!

It’s the last day of the year. I should learn to wake up early again because my body clock’s been wired to wake up at 10:30 am since the 25th.

I am watching Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip now. I missed Danny and Matt‘s friendship (they’re like House and Wilson with their bromance, hahaha), I missed Matt, Harriet and their being tethered in many ways because, well, they’re simply right for each other, it’s just that when you’re crazy adults, you don’t indulge in that kind of romance schmance anymore.

I discovered something cool. In Studio 60, there was a scene where Luke Scott, Matt’s former co-writer who also pursued Harriet, chose her to be Anita Pallenberg in a Rolling Stones movie he’s directing.  They got into talking about going on a date and Harriet mumbled about being available, which obviously was motivated by a phantom loyalty to Matt.  Luke said something like, “You and Matt broke up a long time ago but you still see each other every day (because Matt is head writer and Harriet is one of the main stars of the show). You’ve broken up, but you aren’t broken up. Don’t you want and deserve something more?

If you remember, Cuddy’s attention was also called for sort of the same thing with regard to her (non)relationship with House.  Cuddy’s date said, “I don’t know whether it’s House, your job or if you just thrive on conflict but you should hear yourself when you’re talking to him. Nothing else in the world’s going on. You’re focused, confident, compelling. Don’t take this the wrong way, but I’d like to go out with that woman.

Funny enough, Luke Scott and Cuddy’s date were played by only one actor! Yup, both characters were played by Josh Stamberg.  Nice. =)

Anyway, I found a clip of the scenes which showed how long Matt and Harriet’s conflict has been going on. It’s something that snowballed through the years which only started because, as Danny simply put it, Harriet believes in the divinity of Jesus Christ and Matt doesn’t. Watch it and you’ll find it amusing even if you have not watched an episode of the show.

No one in my average of 85 visitors a day would have appreciated everything above. I know, I know that.

So okay, let me do something less dorky. I don’t have a planner yet. This is new for a planner whore like me.  What happened was I lost can’t find my Starbucks sticker card which only has 4 stickers to go until I get a planner.  I passed on a Belle De Jour planner to save money; I didn’t use last year’s after all.

I might get one from National Bookstore, one of those plain Stradmore ones. Or a Taschen planner from Powerbooks. I’ll buy one in January 2. I am not in the mood to go out today and I do not shell out money on the first day of the year. =)

See, less dorky. But dorky nonetheless.

Wow, I finished my National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) pledge!!! Thirty-one posts in thirty-one days! Erm, I actually had more than 31 but who cares?! I got to blog everyday for a month. Hihihihi =) Next year (which is tomorrow), I will put a new widget because I’m also joining the January run. Masaya naman. All of a sudden hindi na lang ako napipilitan mag-blog just because I know someone would read it. Wala na ako pakialam. Nagbabasa pa rin naman sila. Yihee. =)

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