Welcome, 2009!

Here’s to another 365 days of craziness, fun, less struggle and more hope for people everywhere. We can all cope with whatever’s ailing us now – financially, professionally, personally, socially – they will all pass.

Seventeen days to go until my 27th birthday! I am going to change my mindset about it. It still freaks me out but I can simply shrug it off and smile. A friend said that most life-changing events happen when someone turns 27. It’s when my Saturn will return.  Wherever it went, I have no idea. =)

Speaking of change, it is the theme of the January run of National Blog Posting Month. I joined again and hopefully I’ll be included in the blogroll when everything’s not too busy anymore. =) Participating last month (last year!) was fun.

Here’s to changing lame strategies, continuing effective ones, and reconstructing the “moving” parts of my life. Yay!

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5 replies

  1. iryn– sure, answer them in your blog, too! happy new year!

    rach– i wish the same to you!

    chelli– yay, i’ll IM you. tsup!

    raft3r– yup 2009! naks nag-solo nasa tagaytay! hay. =) see you monday!

  2. 2009 na!!!
    kakagaling ko lang ng tagaytay
    lamig sobra

  3. Juday! Happy New Year and super advanced Happy Birthday! Can you give me the title of the book you wanted a couple of months ago that you wanted shipped with my box of goodies??

  4. Hi Judie. Thank you for visiting my blog. It’s always a nice welcome to meet new people through blogging.

    Wishing you a promising 2009.

  5. Have a blissful and joyous new year!

    There’s lot of posts to read — busy ka the whole New Year’s Eve =) Can I borrow the survey? nakakatuwa


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