First day of work on the last day of the week!

The title is true if you consider Friday as the last day of the week. Anyway…

When you return to work after a long vacation, you will find it hard to feel that the day after that would be a weekend. Again. Since we were asked to leave earlier (by an hour and a half), we thought Management must have realized that it was a waste of resources to ask us to come to work given that most agencies did not schedule client meets today AND it’s still a holiday in the US.

It was still ok though because I got to come with my mother to attend the first Friday mass at the Basilica of  Black Nazarene in Quiapo. A huge number of people were there, dude. We heard mass outside the church because it’s too full. They said it was still a normal volume because air can still pass between us. =) I have been a terrible church-goer in months. I think I last heard mass three months ago, and not my mother nor any kind of religious guilt coaxed me to do otherwise. It’s a long issue altogether so I will leave it now.

It’s cold outside and I could never want it more.

I missed talking to my friends in the office.  They were pretty much updated with my life since, upon extreme coercion, they have read all my entries since I went on vacation. In my team most especially, the benefit of being boss is that I can always impose. Yahaha, a tinge of Dr. Cuddy there. =)

nah =)The year started off very good for most of them while I have yet to entirely map out mine.  I only told them I’m going to find my passion this year and I’m prepared to discover whatever it is.  I am worked up  beginning today about new graduate school courses, actually. If I could not make up my mind, then maybe other advocacies would do it.  Passion, yeah. Finding a future boyfriend whose last name is Pasion will be under negotiation. =) I am staying away from romantic exploration through self-degradation this year and I mean it this time.  Waiting for it, finding it, is hard. As Cuddy said, “So many people. So much energy and drama just trying to find someone who’s almost never the right person anyway.

What I strongly feel though is I am going to be very awesome this year. Yes. Hahaha =) I’ll keep this entry bookmarked just in case.

Eating heated leftovers and watching The Soup are two of the best moments in my universe right now.

Happy weekend!

Thanks to Resvil for my little cute House icon. =)

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4 replies

  1. i miss quiapo at yun mga benta nilang pirata

  2. lai– yup, that’s the one! i looove Joel McHale!!!

    and i figured it’s great to still be employed, hehe.

  3. Oh, and yeah, sucks about coming in to work. But I’m thankful because that means I have a job. =)

  4. i love The Soup! That’s one of my fave shows! You’re talking about the Joel McHale one, right? He’s hilarious! He had a show here that same weekend when we left for Hawaii =( We were gonna watch it if we didn’t already have plans…

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