course confusion

I want to study again but I do not know what course to take this time.

confusionFinishing graduate school is an idea that never died even if I had to move out of my previous program last year. It only means I did not lose interest in studying, my course then wasn’t just for me. I reached a point when I thought I was good for nothing and should just trash learning and being graded for it. Seriously though, it could not be the case. I’ve seen people who have made the rounds of colleges and universities because they cannot find the course they want. I am just the same. When I left, a professor asked me if the program was faulty because apparently a lot had left before me. I was surprised as all those times I thought it’s always been about my insufficient interest which led to incompetence which eventually led to missing deadlines and actual classes. Distance and schedule figured out prominently in the equation, too,  but at the end of it all, I just wanted out of it, I guess.

So, I’m browsing for courses again. Thing is, I still do not know what I want.  Is there a psych test I can take to determine where I am leaning towards? I’m afraid I would have to make my own trip around national grad schools, experience the courses, before I can identify what I really want. It’s kind of nuts but if left with no choice, I might do it.

Many courses are promising but somewhere in the midst of reading each of its core subjects, I find myself asking, “Do I want this? Can I endure this?” Because frankly, I am not one to endure something I do not like doing, and I almost never reconsider when I dislike something already. Anyway, I am also thinking if taking something related to what I do now would be the way to go, or something only a bit related but would present a different realm to me is more okay.

The more I explore, the more I cannot narrow down courses to one. Distance learning via our premier state university’s Open University is the best to go to if I don’t want weekly classroom activities.  Out of many offerings though, I only feel okay with Development Communication.

If I want classroom interaction somewhere very near my place of work (in my undergrad campus, much more in my mother college!), there’s Master of Arts in Health Policy Studies. The realm of Social Sciences is pretty interesting to me while the specific area of health studies is something that would never grow old. My only reservation here is that I bombed my Political Dynamics class before and from this course’s subject list, I might be going through the same round of stuff again.

If I want to endure the happy kind of stress of traveling all the way to Quezon City, I can try pursuing Master of Industrial Relations.  A little part of me also wants to try Master of Arts in Urban and Regional Planning even if I have no concrete idea what it is. =)

Most friends have asked me to go to business school but I don’t know if I can make something out of it later. The Ateneo-Regis MBA program sounds very good though, add the fact that it’s very near my place of residence.

Since we’re into proximity to place of residence and place of work, Master of Arts in Development Policy (interest in Social Sciences, remember?) and Master of Science in Psychology (Major in Indutrial & Organizational Psychology) offered by De La Salle are both very interesting.

What else, what else? Did you know that for a little while, I considered going into law school? I may like it but I don’t know if I can pull it through till the end.  I seem to be attracted (platonically) to lawyers though. Oh well, fine, law school is another option.

Or since I am also interested in Russia, European Studies sounds cool, too.

See, so many courses, so little willpower to decide which one is it. If universities will tailor a course to suit my top-of -mind interests, then they can start a course like Master of House MD, Major in House and Cuddy. =) Or all about Friends, since I discovered very recently, I can still win any Friends episode trivia contest by a long mile. What a life, right? =)

I hope to come up with something soon. Studying again may not be one of the changes I want to do (again?) this year but since I’m not as adventurous as other people and mobility is not a viable option at this time, it’s very high in my priority list. Operation:Awesomeness starts today, people.

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5 replies

  1. dong– ive been meaning to take a career placement exam nga eh para lang makitako kung ano ba. as of now, ano nga ba tawag dun…tabula rasa? basta halo-halo sila na gusto ko. is that bad? hehe.

    lai– hehe sige let’s see!

    raft3r– i know i can always count on you to give a dissenting opinion! sustained! hahaha!!!

    ms. c– yay, i know dati pa, ikaw nagsabi saken to go for it! =)

  2. I say LAW SCHOOL!

  3. trust me
    law school sucks

  4. law school law school!!! I wanna be able to say, “My aunt’s a lawyer…”

    Mimie already disappointed me by not continuing with her original plan of going to Law School. Not you too!!! hehehe

  5. wow! that would be great. it’s a good opportunity to take masters. from the many courses you’re considering. maybe you just really need to know what you’re really passionate about. from there, you can choose. law is not bad.

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