cold & hungry

It’s cold here in the city. The weekend news said it dropped to 19 degrees this morning. Wow.

Being naturally warm-blooded and possessing natural insulation (aka layers of fats), I did not need extra clothing to get me through. My regular loose sundress was fine. However, the weather affected me through my intestines. Instead of sleeping through the coldness that’s Saturday, my greedy intestines seemed to have digested everything I ate very fast that three hours after dinner, I was so hungry again. It’s not your I am a little hungry type but the I am so hungry, my head hurts! kind.

So it should explain why I irritatedly put back a Susan Sontag book in my shelf and grabbed a 1976 novel by the late Sidney Sheldon. I then trooped downstairs to eat and read.

Thank heavens for books designed for easy reading, Gardenia bread loaf, Nutella, kiat kiat, and distilled water.

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4 replies

  1. lai– yay, may yelo factor! pero masarap pag malamig! brrr! and yeah, faster metabolism nga siguro!

    raft3r– correct. winner corned beef.

    kaye– happy new year, kaye!!! mukhang malamig nga lately sa bahagi na ito ng asya. baka kaya din naging KJ mga kapitbahay nyo nung NYE! hehe.

  2. Malamig din dito sa amin kaninang umaga. Pero uminit mga bandang 10A.

    Happy New Year nga pala!

  3. wow
    new post everyday for one whole month

  4. iba na naman layout… It was super cold here today too. There was a sheet of ice on my car this morning. It was 37 degrees (F) here (roughly 3 degrees Celsius)!! Grabe! It doesn’t usually get that cold here, mga 50-55 degrees, pero kanina, super cold! Anyway, maybe the dinner wasn’t enough kaya you were hungry again? OR maybe your metabolism is getting faster kaya ang bilis na-digest? hehehe… let’s go with the latter para positive.

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