messed up but functioning

I used to be so awed by this post’s title; it’s a line which I snatched from a fanfiction I read last year. Of course, at that time, I related it on purpose to a kind of relationship that is,was, possible with someone. That was then. Today, I can only relate it to the appearance of my blog/s in Internet Explorer browsers (I have yet to check with Safari, by the way).

Yes, I changed my blog layout for the billionth time, but not realizing that it will appear messed up in IE. I’ve been using Mozilla Firefox for sometime now and I very seldom see a difference in most sites I frequently visit.  Anyway, I’m not going to find a new layout that fits ALL browsers.  This one, I like, so far. IE users, just deal with it.

In a true inner fangirl fashion, I am also happy to share a layout for my livejournal. Sadly, it only works well with Firefox and Safari and really appears very messed up in IE. Irinafan shared this layout and many of us loved it so much, I would not be surprised if many of us “fans” are using identical livejournal layouts right now. It’s really cute.

Here is a sample screenshot, and you can go to my livejournal if you want to see it in a real window. I have yet to clean my font settings there but it mostly contains identical entries. =)

= = =

With regard to other messed up but functioning stuff, J. Anthony Holmes, a former US Ambassador to Burkina Faso (not one to judge but you will at a point also wonder what is the range of US foreign policy  being represented there; enlightenment is welcome, by the way), wrote an essay about the shortcomings of this ending administration in the foreign service system, titled Where Are The Civilians? How To Rebuild The US Foreign Service. I understood most issues raised, from a vantage point of someone working for foreign service officers and line bureaucrats pertained to in the essay. Read it if you have time.

In relation to US foreign policies , Foreign started a blog called The Cable, which aims to follow every foreign policy to be formulated and executed when Obama assumes office, and most especially when Hillary Clinton sits down as Secretary of State (this last one I am happy about).

Lastly, in a very unrelated news but still with a foreign ring to it, Hugh Laurie in tux soon, and thrice! Well, why not, People’s Choice Awards is on Thursday, the Golden Globes is this Monday and the Screen Actors Guild Awards is on the 26th (all Manila time)! I have high hopes for Hugh particularly in People’s Choice; he has been a SAG and GG recipient multiple times in the past but it’s also a politicized process so I’m ready to see Gabriel Byrne or Jon Hamm (or even Jonathan Rhys-Meyers of The Tudors, ah, manjoyment!) nab the Best Drama Actor award from him.  Not bad to hope that he sweeps all three though!

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  1. kaw, ha
    ilang posts ko na di ka comment

    tulog na tayo!

    btw, i did your 40 questions na
    asar talo ako, ha
    filler daw yun post natin

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