‘I love people. Really, I’m in favor of them.’

First, let me marvel at the dull and boring greatness of this day.  For the fourth consecutive day, I still amaze myself by DOING a significant amount of work. =)

Anyway, on to something that made me smile (other than the fact that my ‘Portia’ COULD BE ushering out of her romance-less sphere after two years! YAY!) –

Hugh Laurie won Favorite TV Male Star and House MD won Favorite TV Drama in last night’s People’s Choice Awards!!!

hugh-laurie-pcaI know, it isn’t a surprise at all since PCA notifies the winners beforehand.  In the live blog, when someone wrote that Jennifer Cameron, Omar Epps, Lisa Edelstein and Olivia Wilde arrived in succession and walked down the red carpet, I knew then that House would win.

Anyway, Teri Hatcher presented the Favorite Male TV Star award.  Just a quick sidenote, I like Teri but I don’t like her character, Susan Mayer, in Desperate Housewives. I don’t know why! When I watched Hugh’s acceptance speech with Teri by his side, my mother recognized her still as Lois Lane. Hahaha!!! Well, her cluelessness isn’t new, when Hugh walked to the stage, she was surprised why he’s not limping. Duh. Hahaha! Oh well, Hugh’s speech wasn’t as witty as his previous ones but it’s still adorable. House fans are total dorks. I totally grasp how obsessed they we all were in voting that’s why they won. =) Another live blogger said that when Hugh was called, people stood up supposedly in reverence. Yahaha, in the video, the people who stood up were his castmates! Plus many people were standing throughout the show! I proudly pointed it out to Erwin pa naman and he congratulated me on my boyfriend‘s win. Anyway, tons of people were happy for him. That’s what matters more.

PEOPLESCHOICE/When the show’s cast and crew went up on stage when they won Favorite TV Drama, Hugh said, “I don’t know who these people are“. Hahaha! But he also said, “This is just a small representative sample of the 200 or so people who worked so hard to make the show. They couldn’t all be here because this is all the tuxedoes we’ve got.” Looking at the 20 or so people behind him, he added, “This is a significant number because this is exactly the number of people who watched the show when it started going out five years ago.” Yup, he’s probably right.  Admittedly, having American Idol preceding them during the first season helped them but they have grown their own sturdy legs and limbs after that, evidenced by consistently high ratings even when the American Idol season was over. And and and! This year, it’s the only network show nominated in the Golden Globes — meaning it’s pitted against cable shows who have gained both popularity and critical success since 2007 (in the Screen Actors Guild, there are two network shows out of five: House and Boston Legal). I have not watched each and every network show that didn’t make the nomination but it’s amazing to see House getting up there, quality and sudden hype of cable shows considered.

camcuddy-13-pca-2009All but Kal Penn was in the event.  The pictures of the cast were adorable.  Hugh Laurie and Robert Sean Leonard, based on numerous red carpet photos, arrived together. Bromance even IRL! =) Anyway, I found an equally adorable picture of the women in the show! That’s Cameron, Cuddy and Thirteen right there. Lisa Edelstein’s still kicking ass with her figure at 42! She doesn’t look that much different from Jennifer Morrison who’s 29 and Olivia Wilde who’s only – get this – 24!

< < < Pretty, pretty =)

One more workday and this bleak but awesome week is over. Capping it with the first Game Night of 2009 and a movie. Then I’m not very certain yet but I think I know what path to take FINALLY. I hope it stays on longer because if it does, I’m definitely going ALL IN. =)

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6 replies

  1. hay…
    another tsik flick

    enjoy your party…

  2. Hehehe…her eyes are very beautiful. 🙂

    Me too – I kinda miss her. Konti na lang ang scenes nya sa newer episodes, no? I want more Cameron and Chase exposure 🙂

  3. ^ hi, gracious!
    yup, 13’s really beautiful. i’m actually getting tired na of her huntington’s storyline but i cant stop staring at her, hahaha!!!
    yay, you like cameron!!! i’ve been watching seasons 1 and 2 recently and i really missed her! i love her and chase.

  4. 13 is drop-dead gorgeous,no? But Cameron is still my favorite 🙂
    A fellow big house fan here 🙂

  5. ^ yan ang tunay at wagas na pagmamahal, ganyan ako, nakita mo na? hahaha!
    panoorin mo na kasi. nakita mo naman ang ladies ko, converts na lahat! you will enjoy it, i promise.

  6. grabe na ire
    mapa-blog mapa-personal
    house at house pa rin

    mapanood na nga ire
    it better be good, ha

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