I’m happy and I know it =)

I made it through one work week! It was long and dragging but I was more satisfied.  I used to get scared that when I feel this good, something bad happens after, but I easily dismissed it. Maybe the universe simply decided that I deserve to feel good this time, this year. Hah.

Based on my schedule, I will have my usual boring weekend activities, i.e., watch TV, read, cyberstalk bloghop (hahaha) and catch up on well-deserved sleep but I have not been this happy in a long time about almost everything that I’m actually excited as early as tonight. Nice. It’s the scary kind of nice but, yeah, still nice. =)

Happy weekend, everyone!

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5 replies

  1. lai– i’ll wait for your blog update! hmm, at bakit naman ikot ng ikot ang mga matang yan…tusukin mo ng bolpen. hahhaha, kidding!

    dong– hope your weekend’s great!!!

  2. that’s good! this happiness seems to be contagious. have a great time!

  3. have a great weekend!! this weekend na ulit ako post ng blog. busy sa work, at masyado maraming mga EYES na umiikot…. hehehe…

  4. dahil siguro yan sa approved loan mo, ano

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