simple Sunday

♦ I have a new pasttime: killing zombies to rescue fellow scientists or rescuing hostages as part of an elite police squad. Timezone is not only for kids, you know? A floor below, there’s also Tom’s World where I get to set my own high scores in different trivia and word games. So far, I’ve been kicking arses both in Mystery Phrases and Pyramid Quiz Show under Lisa Cuddy (my own name is boring, hahaha) πŸ™‚

♦ I generally feel lousy when it’s that time of the month.Β  I must be so unbearable to look at because my mother asked me to change my clothes. Why for, I asked. Without batting an eyelash, she said, People might think you’re my mother. Hmp.

♦ My first “setup” for the year and I had to turn it down.Β  Please, I never say yes to a date with someone who broke up with a long-time girlfriend a nanosecond ago.Β  Sorry, STH.

♦ They are going to hand the Golden Globes tomorrow (for us here).Β  I saw the trailer of Doubt and from that alone, I wouldn’t be surprised if Meryl Streep grabs Best Drama Actress again this year. As for Hugh Laurie, uhm, Jon Hamm and Gabriel Byrne are looming too strongly so…oh well, let’s see.

♦ Note to self: Be home early on Wednesday because it’s the official start of American Idol season 8! Ah, my priorities. And I’m not even ashamed of it now.

raft3r-and-me-by-alex♦ Randomness. Here’s a picture I don’t quite remember being taken. Raft3r, that’s you and me! I saw it in Kuya Alex’s site! I think it was on December 13, only because I saw our getups. Hahaha!!! Look at my eyes and barely combed hair (dikit-dikit pa, hahaha) and at Raft3r wearing his shades.Β  They all said we were forced to get up very early. The lure of money made this sacrifice very worth it, anyway. πŸ™‚ So, this is for Raft3r who takes offense when I do not comment on his entries, the very same way he gets pissed when he’s ignored in social encounters for reasons unclear to him. Hahaha! Yummy friend, inisip ko ulit ang chronology of events pero base sa timeline, labas na talaga ako dyan sa period na yan eh. Don’t worry, isa lang naman yan. Yung isa di yan sumasali sa ganyan because in fact, wala nga yang pakialam sa kahit ano. Kung sumali pa rin pagdating eh, andito naman ako. Mapipilitan ka nga lang panoorin si House at pakinggan ang mga Hugh Laurie scoops ko, pero I assure you kahit kaibigan mo yung susunod na kakabiwisitan ko, hindi kita isasali and we’ll stay the same. Sasamahan mo pa nga ako sa Gossip Girl set tour, right? I love you, yummy friend. Hahaha! πŸ™‚

♦ Next Sunday, I’ll be 27. Awesome. πŸ™‚

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6 replies

  1. gracious– thanks for the greeting! 30 is the new 20 daw. it’ll be a blast. πŸ™‚

    lai– tipid meals with different people close to my heart here and there, yun lang ang highlight ng plano. hahaha!!! a day of silence din. wala lang. hahaha!

    i hope you are feeling better now. ano na naman ginawa ni papa L?

    dong– sarap maglaro ‘no? anyway, pinatubo sounds cool. will be in touch.

  2. hahaha… sarap nga maglaro sa timezone. paborito namin ng kabarkada ko ang mga racing at syempre kasama na ang pagpatay ng mga zombies at inosenteng tao. hehehe… nga pala you might want to join a pinatubo trek on feb 28.

  3. 1 more week! Yay! Ano plano? Cute naman pic! Btw ur blog is keeping me company while I wallow in my sorrows… Ok not sorrows but I AM having dinner by myself coz a certain someone is pissing me off. I’m reading ur blog so I won’t look like a loser sitting here, eating by myself. Thanks!

  4. Yay, advance Happy Birthday to you πŸ™‚
    Next month, I’ll be 30. Not awesome. πŸ™‚

  5. ^ ahaha, sige na nga, gwapo na yung katabi ko. para sa katahimikan na lang ng mundo πŸ™‚
    and yes, definitely wiser na ito. kahapon pa kaya?
    see you tomorrow!

  6. nyahaha
    para sa hindi naligo sa araw na yon, gwaping ang kasama mo sa picture ha
    ewan ko pa sayo
    kung anu-ano pinagsususulat mo dito
    i love you, too
    another year wiser ka na nyan

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