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Kate Winslet’s double win. I was keeping myself steady after a nasty semi-vertigo attack when I heard her name called as the very first recipient of the night in the Golden Globes. Long acceptance speech, haha. I tuned in again towards the end when she won again and man, a longer acceptance speech. What she said to Leo was touching. Friendship rocks.

House’s Lisa Edelstein, Olivia Wilde and Jennifer Morrison were BEAUTIFUL especially when they were walking down the red carpet. It’s too bad that TV stars get somehow eclipsed by movie stars in events like this. Dapat hindi ito pinagsasabay. Unless it’s like here na whoever’s on TV is also in the movies, and lo, nasa mga billboards din sila everywhere.

My box of books, which I split with my friend Tin, arrived today, too. Tin got most of the contents, ako konti lang. Late Christmas gift/early birthday present ko na sa sarili ko.

My top seven books among those that arrived today. Ewan if it’s my Hugh bias or what but I skimmed The Gun Seller and nakakatawa sya, though I imagine Hugh Laurie pre-House playing the hero in the novel. The rest of the books are interesting. Look ’em up in Amazon. Come on. 🙂

Addict, o. I read one book of Ken Follett and I liked it. So ayan, major hoarding. See, nagugulat pati si Jackie, my pet cat.

Share ko lang. When I was PMSing, remember? I am close to finishing that book. Isusunod ko yung sequel of sorts nyang French Women For All Seasons. Then kasunod na yung Japanese Women Don’t Get Old Or Fat. Just to compare…although heavily inclined na ako sa Japanese…kasi, well, I’m Asian, and sample recipes mostly involve a greatness that is tofu. Hahaha! And look at my bookmark!!!!!


I called in sick. Damn. I thought I was on a roll after my inspiring “This is how you do it well” mood last week. Yabang yata kasi kaya ayan, karma. Let me say that I do not skip work if I have a slight fever (nothing a heap of pain pills won’t cure especially while in an office that’s way way quieter than if I stay at home) or upset stomach (our pink restroom cubicles are cuter than our own). But if it’s dizziness, vertigo-like, as soon as I get up from the bed (with matching tingin pabalik sa kama kasi baka ang katawang-lupa ko eh maiwan na natutulog pa, you know, old shit), ah no, hindi ko kayang ipagpalit yan sa fluffy feeling of work motivation. Sorry. Sabi naman I didn’t miss much. It’s only my pride that’s hurting now because I lost one day of being able to kick ass. Hahaha. I never successfully do it naman, when did I ever kick ass/es , so yeah, one day’s nothing.

Hugh Laurie and House lost. Okay, I know it’s too narrow-minded to always assume Hugh or the show deserves everything but despite the strike, last season wrapped up very well for them. Siguro hindi ko lang napapanood yung mga kalaban nya. Pitting actors on TV is ridiculous naman in a way, and I’m paraphrasing what Hugh said – it’s absolutely fine to evaluate actors to determine the best among them in a year if they all played the same role (he cited being Jack Bauer as example). Thing is, may serial killer slash pulis, may psychiatrist, may retro na ad executive (what a description), may brilliant but annoying doctor…ang hirap i-subject sa isang strict set ng criteria yun. Atsaka, they are only looking at a submitted episode, na kahit from the producers themselves, the supposed best in the season, kalokohan pa din. You have to base a performance on the consistency of whatever criteria na meron yung kung sinuman ang nagbibigay ng award. Ewan ko sa kanila. And no, hindi naman ako bitterella. I am going to watch In Treatment soon, benefit of the doubt ba. Most immediate in my lineup is Mad Men. Tignan natin.


I did an accounting of my finances and man, I’m screwed na pala. Well, only my definition of screwed (which will remain a secret, haha). My principle before was kung walang pera, wag bumili. Hmm, it’s convenient to say I totally made a complete insane turn four years and two credit cards with extremely evil credit limits after. Di bale, I’ll be fine. I just felt bad because I have not made a single solid investment. On the brighter side, I asked myself kung sumaya ba ako sa lahat ng paglulustay na yun? Sabi ng sarili ko, oo naman. Time to pay for them through living with the consequences and maintenance of awesomesauce work chakra (basta meron nyan).

I have something to manage my dizzy spells. What I don’t have, and only because I only felt the thing today, is for my heart. The literal heart, ano ba. Kasi, I always sleep on my left side, di ba? And it’s a position I’ve always been comfortable in, kahit hindi sa act ng pagtulog. Pansin ko lang, when I do it now, I feel a tingling coldness in my chest and my heartbeat, though it’s neither fast nor slow, eh sobrang lakas ng dagundong, to the point na I can even hear it pounding in my ears. Giant leaps and bounds. Weird. Nung una awesome. Pero when I realized I could die, naku, tumayo ako agad. Should browse my HMO’s list of accredited cardiologists nga.

I’ll sleep early because I have the world to save tomorrow. From what, that’s for all of us to find out. *wink*

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3 replies

  1. nicole– yup, that’s jackie my kitty! yeah, getting that box was a true highlight 🙂

    lai– thanks for watching house! they will air their hundredth episode on feb 2! they had 74 episodes ata for three seasons eh. yup dami nga!

    i remember your fat kitty, yung survivor ng trigger happy neighbor nyo sa pacifica? ahahaha!!! and oh, good times, remember when we named all our cats after soap opera characters?!

    isang kahon na lang pala lai, i can make my own bed of books. hahaha…

  2. I’m also liking House very much. Not really LOVE, per se, but I am watching marathons everyday. I have about 10 epis on my DVR and I have to watch them soon because there are several more lined up to be recorded. How many episodes can they have in, what, 3 years? Ang dami!

    What I do LOVE is that kitty!! I have 2, and 1 of them is my baby, but it’s at my mom’s coz I can’t have pets here in my apartment. Hey remember Nerma? the one the neighbor’s dogs ate? Hahaha gross!

    So… Nadagdahan na naman books. Where will you sleep? Hehe hey how come u don’t want the electronic book? I finally saw one and I thought of u first. Want one? Hehe thinking of getting one for myself too. Seems awesome!

    Anyway, hope u feel better! Go kick ass!

  3. you have a kitty!!! so cute!

    lucky! receiving stuff in the mail always feels like Christmas, especially if it’s a box full of goodies and the goodies are books! XD

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