I will let them talk for me.

Hey! Many things happened and I’m ecstatic that a lot of wonderful things are falling into place. The only downside is that I can’t bring myself to write everything, even in my journal, because I’m more confident with my brain retaining all the events and memories that they come with. Thank heavens for digicams.

I spent last night eating yummy risotto and much more in Volare (a restaurant in Araneta Center which is a really good one, the worth my LRT1 and LRT2 travel kind). Close friends (with the exception of one who bailed out on us, haha) made my night.

This was after Ms. C handed me her gift. She said I should open it right there. Okay…
Volare with friends

They pretended not to look at me while I was peeking. When I peeked, I saw something that made me do this:
Volare with friends

and this is that something:
My favorite mousepad!
The coolest mousepad! 🙂 Thanks; Ms. C!

Gumbo with friends
Today, I went with friends to Marilao to discuss the possibility of putting up a community library very soon. It was a wonderful experience. My companions took great pictures and this is the better one from all my shots, all because we’re complete here. It was even taken after the Marilao trip, hahaha. Nonetheless, I’m so excited and happy today.

Well, at least I try to. I am tired but I try to be happy all the time.

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5 replies

  1. TJ– it was a fun trip. di bale, next time 🙂 it’s just the beginning of a very wonderful project 🙂

    raft3r– i did. buti na lang tlaga di si marian hahaha, kidding! seriously, i loved it. favorite natin yun pareho eh — sina ethan hawke and julie delpy ha!

  2. did ya open mine yet?
    galing ni marian don, diba!

  3. I wanted to go to Marilao!!! Sayang… 🙂

  4. thank you thank you, lai!!!
    i love you too!!!

  5. i left my phone at home, so i’ll just greet you here… it’s about 3am your time, so it’s officially YOUR BIRTHDAY!!! YAAAAY!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! LOVE YOU!

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