oh universe, you’re a tease

right after my grinchy post below, more greetings came in, including a personalized greeting card made through photoshop. it’s very very sweet and touching. what do i do now, what do i do?

anyway, my mother is more excited to celebrate my birthday than the celebrant herself. she went ahead and went out with her friends and when i asked her why, she said, “to celebrate your birthday.” hahaha, my mother is crazy. in one of her “gatekeeper” moments (aka taking phone calls for me) this moring, i heard her berating a cousin for meddling big time, once again, in her son’s personal life. towards the end, she said, “ako wala akong pakialam sa kung sinong gusto nya (meaning me), kung ano gusto nyang gawin. kung gusto na mag-asawa, sige. kung ayaw at gusto magsasama lang sila, bahala sya. ang sabi ko lang kung gusto mo magpakasal, magsabi ka in advance para makabili naman ako ng bagong damit!” crazy, really. the cousin must have asked if i’m seeing someone now because i heard her say, “mukhang wala kasi umaga at gabi walang ginawa kundi house, house, house.” she then proceeded to explain who house is and why she does not like him because he’s arrogant and dirty-looking, and even chided his tacky blue backpack.

so now i’m home, slowly trying to respond to my beloved well-wishers. my date with my high school bestfriends is still at night. i think i’m going to read a book for now.

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3 replies

  1. Happy Birthday 🙂
    Your mom is funny.Hehehe.

  2. ^ i did, yummy friend. i did. see yah!

  3. happy, happy birthday!!!
    have a good one!!!

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