Bitterness is so not cool.

My favorite source of enjoyment lately is reading the bitter yakking of House/Cuddy and House/Cameron fans (add a few House/Wilson’s) in many online fora. It gets pretty exhausting to read but it’s nice enough a distraction when you’re surfing at night.

I am a certifiable TV fangirl, and I am not ashamed of it, but too much bickering gets to me, too. So I just laugh them all off because hello, it’s just a TV show! I get worked up all the time about it, and my staff have been unwilling subjects of my House ramblings that they dragged themselves to watch the show so they will understand what I’m talking about. However, it’s funny to see people exert too much energy into hating and defending characters, their “ships”, every single day.

tv, tv, more tv!!!Thing is, not reading these bitter banters would entail being spoiler-free from future episodes which is bad for my health, because as most of you know, spoilers are one of the best things in my universe, next to books, dark chocolate and deep-fried tofu.

I may prefer one character over another (with the exception of House because he’s why there’s a show) but I do not engage in character assassinations of TV characters. When you like a show, you tend to look at the overall promise of it and seeing good things happen to character/s you like is just a bonus. Well, that’s just me.

So in the spirit of moving back to the normal side of the bridge, I hope not too much Earth logic should be put into everything the show provides. Let’s not question Cameron being interim Dean because it may not be realistically feasible, it’s the producer’s step to make up to the character for being “criminally sidelined” last season. Let’s not hate Thirteen so much because if you give it a chance, her storyline will grow on you (and personally I like Foreman now more than the first three seasons, ahahaha). I don’t like it now but in time, maybe Chase and Wilson will get more screentime, too. Lastly, let’s not hate Cuddy (and possibly baby Rachel) and her relationship with House because it’s been open from the start that it will not go anywhere. Remember, no one in that show is allowed to be happy! Change is never easy but the show is still entertaining anyway. 🙂

What tipped off this long-brewing nasty online brawl is a major spoiler which the producer’s very recently confirmed: that House and Cuddy will do the deed at the season finale. I’m okay with it but really, I’m for what the whole show brings every Monday. It’s bad to second-guess and think ahead of the brilliant writers of the show. Remember what George Michael said he has to have? See, we should have it, too.

Anyway, I may not be opinionated enough about world affairs and other esoteric and philosophical stuff, but I take real pleasure from sitting in front of a television and checking out what many shows offer. I watched the pilot of United States of Tara and I liked it a lot. I discovered Big Shots, too. I am also indulging in the Australian series Summer Heights High and the British TV adaptation of Cranford. I am catching up with 30 Rock, Prison Break and Grey’s Anatomy. I lined up a few canceled shows in my to-watch queue like Pushing Daisies and Dirty Sexy Money. I am going to discover The Mentalist, True Blood, Entourage and all shows that beat Hugh Laurie/House in the drama category, hahaha!!! All of that on top of my regulars aside from House: Brothers & Sisters, The Big Bang Theory and Desperate Housewives.

Maybe it’s my calling to watch all shows on television and help people with episode guides, reviews, spoilers and even fan sites. Hala, what an idea. People do earn money from doing that but…I don’t know.

For now, let’s all enjoy the diversion that television shows give us. Relax, watch and don’t think too much!

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5 replies

  1. chelli– i used to watch little britain and tawang tawa na ako sa kanilang dalawa. i’ll try little britain USA soon 🙂 and oh, entourage, too. i’ve been hearing about ari gold and how cool he is. he’s patterned from ari emanuel, right? anyway…suggestions from you are always good.

    lily– i feel the same towards hugh. and the lack of wilson lately! thanks for dropping by.

  2. I can deal with Huddy, Hameron, and Chase not having enough air time.
    BUT, I CAN NOT deal with FORETEEN, 13, or the lack of air time for Wilson. IT’S CRIMINAL!!

    If it wasn’t for the AMAZING Hugh Laurie, I might not even bother with the show anymore.
    But, I ADORE Hugh Laurie and feel priveleged
    to be able to watch him act for even a minute.

  3. Dunno if you’ve seen Little Britain-USA, typical Brit comedy but the UK Prime Minister character is soooo effing funny!

  4. I was addicted to True Blood but my interest kinda waned towards the end, ewan ko ba, I guess the last few episodes were too cheesy for my taste. It’s on hiatus right now as it prepares for Season 2 in May. Entourage – galing! Galing ng dialogue, very snappy, witty and fast-paced kasi the show’s only 30 mins. I love the Ari-Lloyd, Ari-E, Ari-Turtle or just plain Ari scenes when they trade barbs, walang patawad! They don’t apologize for laughing at and saying something crass, sexist, racist and outrageous. Like True Blood, the show’s preparing for the next season.

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