My Sunday Reality Show

First, I know, this is a new layout. I’ve been unstable since Friday and I try to look for less damaging activities than throwing a fit or harassing people for reasons they don’t know; flipping from one blog layout to another was the safest I could find. I will work on the widgets tomorrow night.

Second, a very hearty welcome to the Earth Ox! I am not completely sold to Chinese astrology but I guess it won’t hurt to listen to what it says. Besides, the charm bracelets make awesome accessories ūüėČ

Third, this:

13:30 – Now in Robinson’s Midtown for lunch. I woke up late, that’s why. Discovered that Kalye Juan just opened, so we are having lunch there. Bagoong lechon kawali might be the death of me but at least I will die very happy!

14:30 – Now at a second choice hair salon for much-needed hair treatment. You can tell how badly you need it when stylists instantly tell you, as if they’re psychics, what service you need. It’s ok, I’m fine with that. When it comes to my hair, I shed all forms of sensitivity because most often, they’re true.

14:45 – Sitting in THE chair while my mother excuses herself to go to¬†Tom’s World (as in the arcade). Yeah.¬†She used to chaperone my little nieces and nephews until she got addicted to a machine that dispenses¬†cheap stuff like cellphone cards, coins, chocolates, more ticket value, etc. She also plays Deal or no Deal. That’s post-menopause at work,¬†I guess.¬†¬†

14:50 – My hairstylist is a big man, he looks more like a butcher than a hairstylist. Not an iota of offense intended.

<b>This is why I endured the events of this day.</b>Yihee, day off na day off ang dating!

This is why I endured the events of this day.Yihee, day off na day off ang dating!

15:05 – Mr. Butcherstylist engages me in small talk. Comments on my eyebrows. These are virgin eyebrows, yeah. The way it points to all directions of a compass is a dead giveaway. But no thanks, I am not having them done today.

15:15 РMr. Butcherstylist is almost finished lathering my hair with a stinking hair chemical that will explain my cancer symptoms later in my life. Hands me magazines to read because the chemical needs to seep through the pores of my scalp, straight to my amygdala, while a rotating gadget looms over my head, in slow circular motions, as it dispenses hot air. Ah, sacrifices.

15:50 – I can see Mr. Butcherstylist approaching. I am almost done with the magazine article, “101 Ways To Make Oral Sex Work For Both Of You“.

16:00 – Hair is being rinsed. Mr. Butcherstylist brings up my eyebrows again.

16:10 РBlowdrying. Hot. Scalding my scalp. I think.

16:20 – Hair ironing. Since he’s Mr. Butcherstylist, I see no veins¬†threatening to¬†burst in his arms as he irons my hair.¬†Reading another magazine. Interesting. “How To Emerge A Better Couple After A Fight“. I am not part of a “couple” but I¬†read that it’s inappropriate to send a long text message, a long¬†e-mail, or publish a blog¬†airing your sentiments on what made you tick. There is a very high chance that the other party does not know completely what you are pissed about.

Okay. I think I just did that.  

Article suggests to pick a convenient time to air your gripe. And refrain from making it everything about you (but it’s so funnnnn!). When time is right, tell everything that you feel. Do not assume that the other person knows.

Stupid writer.

In my defense, I may have overreacted because I thought he read this, but it turned out he meant this. Okay, fine, I assumed, and violated the propriety aspect of directly asking.

Stupid writer.

16:30 – Don’t like small talk because it will be about my eyebrows, I am sure. Reading another article now.

17:25 – Lathering my hair again with the same stinking hair chemical.

18:00 – Mr. Butcherstylist rinsing my hair. Since I’m almost lying down, he mocks my refusal to thread my eyebrows. Closing my eyes. Now I’m beginning to feel how weird it is to have my head massaged and my hair rinsed by a man who by his mere looks can topple a raging bull.

18:10 – Is it¬†weird that I’m not feeling good about the turnout of this hair treatment? Hair being blow dried again.

18:30 – Hair being trimmed. Don’t want bangs on the side anymore. No layers, either. Somewhere deep in me I don’t want more new stuff introduced to my crowning glory, not in this salon, at least. Temporarily comatosing my frizzy strands is enough at this time.

19:00 – Work’s done. Will pay now. Will give Mr. Butcherstylist a reasonable tip. He asks me to look for him when I’m ready to have my eyebrows made. Silly.

19:20 – Eating at KidoManga Cafe, a new Japanese fastfood chain beside Jollibee. Main product is takoyaki but lo, they are not offering it today because they ran out. It’s like Burger King with no burgers. Hah. Will settle for milk tea and kani croquette.

20:00 – Inside Japan Home. Mother looking for cabinet deodorizer featured in Boy & Kris (it should be known to the whole world that my mother takes all of Kris Aquino’s recommendations). It’s actually a¬†pack of four deodorizers, labeled “DeHumidifer“. Hmmm. Not bad for P88, let’s hope it actually works.¬† Obvious lack of Tigger items in the Disney section. Mickey Mouse, Hello Kitty, an obese Winnie the Pooh and Marie dominate the¬†selection.¬†

Do you know that there is a banana rack? And a magnifying glass that you can mistake for an egg separator? They all have them here. Also a pen holder with a vampire in front, with the words, “I am your biggest Fang.” The hell…

21:00 – Finally home. Street closed to vehicles because of festivities.¬†This is going to be a long night. When my uncle saw me sporting a hair parted differently than what I had in the past 11 months, he told me, “Kamukha mo na si Arnel Pineda.” Thank¬†you ha! I think my frizz is back.


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6 replies

  1. KAYE – whats funnier eh nung i went back to the salon to “fix” their “error”, two different stylists who did not see me the day before eh pinagdiskitahan na naman ang virgin brows ko. napapaisip tuloy ako kung ganun na tlaga sha kapangit.

    and thanks sa compliment ha ūüôā

  2. I think you look lovely. Don’t bother about those virgin brows because I’m bringing my virgin brows back. HAhahaha! Hassle at magastos at masakit kaya ang pagmaintain ng kilay.

    And Judayski, pumayat ka. Kainggit naman.

  3. lai– thank you!!! my first one took almost five hours! and yup i had fun.

    dong– savor each moment ika nga! by the way, if the trek is still on, i’m gong to email you some stuff. ūüôā

  4. hehehe… ang astig ng bakasyon. talagang hindi mo ito malilimutan. sa byahe ko lang nagagawa yung ganyang madetalyeng post.

  5. i wub it! didn’t know rebonding takes that long. so a whole day at the mall? sounded like you had fun anyway. =)


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