managing my chakra

managing-my-chakraI thought it was just me and my lack of sleep but throughout the day, the vibe in the office was not too fluffy on the chakra. It seems there was a gloomy energy in all four corners of my office which if you know where it is, you would agree that it’s like a submarine.

I still can’t taste nor smell anything. I tried inhaling a natural peppermint oil to soothe my clogged nose but I ended up almost burning the surface of my nostrils. I’m really careless like that…I tried to soothe a headache then by supposedly applying a dab on my temples but I was really stupid I almost blinded myself because some of the oil reached my eyelids. Loser. Anyway, I was able to breathe for a while but when the minty burning sensation calmed down, my “cloggers” blocked the passages again. Circle of a mucus’ life.

I also did not like the turnout of my hair. I hinted about it last night, didn’t I? I went back to the salon and asked for another runthrough but it’s Mr. Butcherstylist’s rest day. So tomorrow we’ll see each other again.  I refrained from making hasty judgments about their service, even if I came across two specific and rather disappointing testimonials on their cred in treating different hairstyles. I’m going to give them a chance. When I returned earlier, it’s as if the receptionist was expecting me.  I kind of caught a feeling last night that they did not wrap up their service well and I am about 90% convinced now that I was right. Then again, I’ll save my final judgment for tomorrow. Actually, it’s not bad at all, it’s not just what I expected. Last year’s way way better, to think that it came from the most distressful state a hair could ever come from, if you know what my hair looked like for the first 25 years of my life.

There were compensations, anyway. A plan that moved a bit, a craving sated, a proud moment to have watched.

First, Hugh Laurie won his second Screen Actors Guild (SAG) award for Best Drama Actor.

Second, Raft3r and I sealed our travel dates later in the year and we almost looked into accomodations this early.  For a while, I thought of what people would say when he and I go together. Then I remembered, why would I give a damn? I’m not gonna ask money from them. The only person I will ask money from is my mother (hahaha!) and she already okayed the idea of traveling with Raft3r (he’s actually one of the more harmless guys you will meet, although I haven’t gotten him drunk yet, bwahaha!).

Third, and the happiest of all, was eating fishballs along Pedro Gil.  See, after my short visit to the salon, I felt like eating and my mouth instantly watered for the awesome street food of the common Pinoy. I specifically know a Manong Fishball stand in Padre Faura cor. Ma. Orosa but since I was already in Pedro Gil, I took a chance and walked that stretch in hopes of finding one. A block away, there it was, clustered with the Mamang Calamares, Manang Siomai and Manong Mami 🙂 I spent 20 pesos for both fish and squid balls and 25 pesos for a flavored bottled drink (C2). That’s almost a dollar’s worth of satisfying merienda 🙂 The only downside is I could have increased my amoebiasis risk to about 200% but hey, it’s three hours ago and I’m still fine. My stomach is built for the hard and nasty grind, y’all.

 So as not to disturb the calm atmosphere, I watched The Soup, replied to seven emails or so, and then I will watch the replay of the SAG Awards ceremony after this. One day at a time, babies.

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3 replies

  1. RAFT3R – sarap ng fishballs tlaga. alala mo yung pasay city hall foodtrip natin ni job? hahaha!!!

    and hello, nakakalait ba ang HARMLESS? what do you want me to write, “I am excited to travel with Raft3r kasi manyak sya.” Ano ba! Hindi bagay. 🙂 Likeable ka kasi eh. In fact, walang nakakatagal na galit sa’yo. Hahaha!!!

  2. grabe
    parang nalait ako dito, ha

  3. waaaaaah
    miss ko na fishballs!!!

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