rest, awesome

I took a day off to rest. I’ve been denying this truth but rest really does make a difference. I coughed a lot the whole day but I just thought it’s my finale performance after a week of doing it very efficiently. My voice sounds almost normal again. One little disappoinment was the lie that my cough meds do not cause drowsiness. Big lie. Anyway, that’s what a sick leave is for. I don’t think it ranks well in a good employee star chart to fall asleep in the middle of answering e-mails.

I sent out instructions to my wonderful ladies around 5 in the morning. I felt good only because I realized I do have that much things to mind, and that much stuff to deliver every single day. It could be because of routine but looking at them from a fresh vantage point, my plate is pretty full most days. It’s fun to reaffirm that.

I spent my day watching TV (re-run of American Idol, Friends, How I Met Your Mother, CSI, Everyday Italian, Quick Fix Meals, Phineas &Ferb and more CSI in three different states :)) and reading (February’s Vanity Fair which arrived today, and Ricky Lee’s Para Kay B – which is a must-read).

Nicole, yup, I listened to my body. Dong, Beverly Hills Chihuahua is fine. Well, I thought so because Andy Garcia lent his voice to Delgado, the grouchy but protective German Shepherd, and I used to be so into Andy Garcia in my teens.:) Papi, the lovestruck chihuahua, stole many scenes with his poetic lines. It’s funny, yeah. When I got home last night, I saw a bunch of dogs in my street and I immediately thought of what could they be talking about; bet it’s mostly about how pathetic humans are.

I’m feeling much better now and I’m eager to be back to work tomorrow even if my momentum could be cut short as it’s already Friday.

Let me grab dinner and watch American Idol. I really like looking at Kara DioGuardi’s face, it’s almost like I’m naglilihi. 🙂

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  1. RAFT3R – ohoy, invited? wala ako today eh, will it really start at 12? babaha raw ng pagkain, hahaha! 🙂 sige see you!

  2. see you tom sa party nyo!!!

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