another open letter to honey

Today’s post was inspired by my friend STH’s confession that she writes to her future child everyday. She asked me to do the same thing and while I can’t promise to sustain it (kasi creepy sya minsan, hahaha), I think it’s fine for today. After all, I did it twice before: to my future husband and my future child. So here’s the best I can do today…addressed to my future husband. Nothing much happened anyway.


Anong oras ka na naman umuwi kagabi? At OT ka na naman? Bakit puro OT ka eh di naman nadadagdagan ang sweldo mo? Bakit may gusot gusot na naman yung polo mo at me lipstick mark sa kwelyo?

How’s your day? Mine’s…okay. I edited the list of books in my online reading challenges. It’s an effort to systematize my reading schedule because if I don’t do it, my urge to buy more books will win over actually reading what I own. I read a few books today, too.

I walked two blocks just to buy chips. And I dipped them in mayonnaise. I discovered that Ladies Choice mayo is waaay better tasting than Miracle Whip.

Will you love me less if I tell you I watched Wizards of Waverly Place and Hannah Montana while eating my afternoon snack?

I watched the season two finale of House again because honestly, I did not understand it the first time.  Now I know which were just House’s hallucinations and which were not. I am going to explain them to you when you get home. Do you still find it funny that people think I see House as my boyfriend? They’re weird, ‘no?

Thanks to fellow House fan Irene from Rome who shared this.  She said it aired in the Disney channel in Italy. Hmmm. Let's see...Mickey is House, Minnie is Cuddy (so Disney is a Huddy?! Hahaha!), Clarabelle Cow is Cameron, Horace Horsecollar is Chase and a little dark Goofy is Foreman. Isn't this cuteness overload?

Speaking of House, I would like to show you the funniest picture I found on the net today! Tadaaa!

Thanks to fellow House fan Irene from Rome who shared this picture.  She said it aired in the Disney Channel in Italy. Cute ano?

Let’s see, Mickey is House, Minnie is Cuddy , Clarabelle Cow is Cameron, Horace Horsecollar is Chase and a dark Goofy is Foreman.  Wala lang si Wilson. Hahaha! But really, this is very funny. Pati yung Dr. Mouse! Hahaha! This definitely made my day! Well, that and Wilson’s duck which actually appeared a few episodes back na pala! But it may be harder to understand now. I’ll explain it to you when you get home. So please hurry, baby. =)

I found the picture in this  funny online community of House and Cuddy fans. Ah, one of the reasons why I love the internet. =) I now want Mickey’s mitt more! Remember Raft3r, my friend from the office? He’s going to meet the Disney gang next week and I’m undecided if I will send him money to buy the giant hand for me…now that hey, Disney is a Huddy. Hahaha =)

So, what else? Oh, I flipped through my previous planners and diaries and I found out that four years ago today, my family brought me to Sacramento to make snow angels and I played casino in Cache Creek. Yahaha! Good times!

I think that’s it for today. I’m off to sleep now. Wake me up when you’re home. You exactly know how to stir me out of slumber, right? *wink* I love you. =)


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3 replies

  1. @raft3r – hahaha, makapanindig balahibo ba? pwes, susulatan kita ng mga ganyan.

    pumunta ka sa cafe havana, di nawawalan ng tao…na later on, makikita mo na either sa window ni rach o sa window 35, hehe.

    @ lai – yeah, feels a long time ago na nga…re: house finale, kahapon ko nga lang naintindihan ng totoo yung ep na yun. storyline-wise, seasons 1 to 3 are very good but may saturation point din so medyo naiba sa 4 & 5 but it’s still fun! hehe naka-convert na naman ako ng isa =)

  2. Hahaha kakaaliw! Was it 4 years ago? Feels longer than that. Feels like a lifetime ago pa.

    Bakit negative naman umpisa? parang away muna pag gising mo hehe

    Love the Disney House. Need Wilson nga. I liked that season finale u mentioned too. That was a trip! Di ba beginning and end lang ung totoo? Everything in between were not real. See what u did to me? U turned me on to House!

    Miss u!

  3. hehe
    creepy nga

    galing ako gbelt
    la masyado tao
    bakit kaya?

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