I’m an organized mess.

My two loyal commenters, Raft3r and Laieesha, guess who’s alive?!

It’s PMS time. I just know. It occurred roughly around the same time last month.

pink elephantOne big thing about me now, and I guess the pun is intended, is that I’m as huge as a pregnant cow. Really. Or like a mini-van. I carried on my holiday weight and indulged myself more because it was my birthday last month. I was in the washroom yesterday and I confirmed that I look like a big oil barrel with too many accessories on. Did I love everything that led me to it? Oh, absolutely.

For one, Marty’s Cracklin’ Vegetarian Chicharon is the best discovery I had this early in the year! It’s by Oishi, which is coming up with good snack choices (parang awkward na magkatabi sa sentence yung ‘good junk food’), after the 2007 junk food manna called Bread Pan. So, Marty’s. I kidded Rach na she should be eating that (because her last name’s Marty, haha, wala lang). It’s dehydrated green peas and dehydrated potatoes. It comes in plain and vinegar flavors but I prefer the former more. I eat it with mayonnaise. You know how I love mayo, right? I am very easy to please and this one never fails. I’ve skipped too many decent dinners because my palate only wanted Marty’s dipped in mayo, Dove dark choco bar para pambalance, and Silk vanilla soymilk pantulak. Hay. Better than sex, parang yung cake, although I have no way of knowing if it’s true. Hahaha! At this rate, I’m happy with it. This habit may start to create “Hello, liver damage and UTI!” banners soon but you do not deprive someone who’s terribly PMSing!

Aside from that, I’ve been eating too much chocolates. It’s SDB’s fault. A lot of people conveniently gave them bags and bags of chocolates last Christmas and since her son does not like most chocolates, dinadala nya sa office para di sayang. The horror that it did to our sugar levels. Pero are we happy? Naturalmente. Eating is fun.

Other than food, my daily travels give me constant joy. My taxi drivers have been classic entertainers: may umaaway sa asawa sa phone, may nanliligaw sa phone, may nakikibalita sa balikbayang kumpare sa phone…all conducted while they’re driving! Magaling, magaling, magaling. No accidents so far but I’ve been fairly attentive since my route is Quirino Avenue and ang intersection dyan ay kasingdami ng mga nag-o-audition sa American Idol.

When going home, I take the jeep na lang and you know what’s the cringe-worthy but very amusing song na sikat ngayon sa ENERGY FM? The rendition of The Teeth’s LAKLAK to the tune of Rodel Naval’s LUMAYO KA MAN SA AKIN. Laugh trip, sobra. But if you listen closely, you’ll just laugh at how the lyrics fit. This is the closest I could find so you could hear it. It makes your jeep-riding experience very uniquely Pinoy. Buti nga lumipas na yung Tagalog version ng UMBRELLA and LOW. Those were really annoying.

So what else? Still watching and re-watching HOUSE. I miss Stacy. I have too many thoughts on the show but I’ll save them when I’m not this messed up.

You should watch UNITED STATES OF TARA though. This early, I vote Toni Collette for Best Actress in 2010’s Emmy’s, SAG or Golden Globes. As regards the category, I don’t know where it would fall under. It’s BOTH drama and comedy. But do check it out.

Raft3r and Chelli might hit me with a giant hammer because…(later)

I resent it that I get stimulated to unleash the best I could do in a given task ONLY when someone is unleashing his/her own best. That part of me who simply does things well regardless of competition has long died. I don’t feel it’s good for me because stimulants very rarely come my way…so most of the time, nabubulok lang ako, deteriorating, brain melting. The desire to better myself then extinguishes itself and by the time a stimulant comes along, I start “unleashing” from scratch and most times, I feel I haven’t done it all kasi nga…walang practice. I hate myself…not entirely,but just this part. I NEED CONSTANT STIMULATION. Although sabi nga ni “God” sa Evan Almighty, when you ask for (stimulation), it is not provided to you in that form, opportunities to be (stimulated) ang binibigay. Eh ayoko ng ganun. Tsk. Damaged person, I am.

I used to think maybe I peaked too early. Lately though, I tell myself, siraulo ka, anong early, how sure are you na may REAL peak ka na tlagang naabot? So yeah it’s like I’m just beginning my journey pero nahinto na ako dito. By choice? I don’t know. (PMS, remember?)

Not to belittle my crazy mind, I naturally enjoy following the trail of the new Department of State – from the personalities, old and new, down to the policies and challenges. Close to home.

That, along with American Idol, more HOUSE, and mass market suspense thrillers. Eh ganun eh.

Best motivation – I am not awesome to everyone, but I am to many, including myself. That should be enough to get me by.

I guess just like Princeton in Avenue Q, I have to find my purpose.

Plus even if it’s starting to turn my little brain into mush, the constant ringing of James Morrison’s The Only Night in my head, though only the lines, “If this is where I ended up, then I refuse to be so hard on myself this time” baka naman it’s telling me something ‘no? What do you think?

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3 replies

  1. @ iryn – oh yeah, employed pa kaya sya sa Healthy Options after that soymilk drama? sana hindi na. hehe.

    @ lai – i was wallowing. hahahaha!!! kidding. and yup, mayo is love.

  2. goodness gracious, there you are!! where’ve you been hiding?

    kakaaliw naman ung Laklak song! hhahaha… so you’re a mayo lover pala huh?? >.<

  3. Judie,

    nako I remember the Silk soymilk story sa high street…

    anyways have you tried Sponge Oishi din ata yun Chocolate and Cheese flavor? sugar rush sarap =)

    myt not be able to see u this month sweetie kasi school stuff was loaded…

    nxt month ha.. i saw our reunion pics pala on facebook with joyce and lai hehe nice!

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