Joe and the sunset strip

I am going to admit it now. I am in love with Joe Bradley. I watched Roman Holiday in high school and totally forgot how drool-worthy Gregory Peck is. I watched it while waiting for 2009 to ring in. So there, that’s how long ago I’ve been getting kilig with the DVD case whenever I see it. I don’t feel jealous of Princess Ann naman. I’m fine kahit nakaangkas sya sa likod ng motorcycle. Hahaha!

So it’s not Greg House as most of you think. I like House as House, or sometimes for Cuddy. Sometimes for Wilson.  But not for me.

Anyway thanks to my fascination with Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, specifically Aaron Sorkin’s push the radical envelope-type of writing, I knew about the Hollywood blacklist.  I discovered that Roman Holiday was written by one of the “Hollywood Ten”, Dalton Trumbo, though he used a front man during the time it was made. He was given credit for it in 1993 na lang. Interesting. 

The Studio 60 episode where it was tackled will remain to be one of my favorite TV show episodes EVER. As in encompassing all TV shows I loved and love. It’s titled The Wrap Party. I hope I can convince people to try this show (22 episodes lang naman!) to see how brilliant it is…like Sports Night and The West Wing.

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