You know you got it bad when…

→ you approve Facebook friend requests from your highschool and Beautiful Ones by Suede pops in your head, and becomes your song of the day. Maybe it’s the closest I got to actually reminiscing my high school days. And oh look I found it:

(click here if the video doesn’t work; the uploader initially prevented embedding it)

→ you already mistake people for someone you kind of miss, and you actually get very disappointed when you take a second look and it’s just someone who walks or dresses like him.

→ you ask all the celestial beings to distract you from ((see above)) and they respond fast; say, through an email from someone who hinted, “guess who’s in town?

→ you promptly finish an office job (where you tried your best, which was properly recognized, not that you’re asking for it) to shower your eyes with House episode updates, and feeling VERY bad when you realize that you totally forgot the reminder that it won’t air as scheduled because of their president’s press conference!

→ you politely ignore a kickass caldereta to satisfy your craving for sardines with semi-cooked egg.

→ you feel sleepy before 9 p.m.

→ you watch John Mayer on Ellen and after a while, you feel that you actually like him more than Jennifer Aniston. The guy is hilarious, and yes, he may be a douchebag, but hey, have you taken note of my taste in men, especially lately? Right. See?

→ you haven’t read a book, not even a short chapter or two, for almost week. Now, that’s just odd. Something must be done to correct this disgusting error.

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2 replies

  1. what?? you haven’t read a book in a week???????? >.< what next, 4 horsemen o rain of fire???

  2. i have this video on my iPhone
    libre sa iTunes, eh

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