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valentigger!One of the best things I love in a partnership is one’s capacity to adore his/her partner, yet at the same time, a natural knack for pointing out whatever that needs a healthy form of self-check (okay, I am hesistant to put FAULTS, but that’s what I’m trying to say, hahaha).

I watched a scene that moved me and somehow affirmed this. It involved a president of a powerful country and his wife, an accomplished woman on her own. Fine, I was watching a show about the lives of the perpetually busy people of the Oval Office while having lunch on Valentine’s Day.

Anyway, here’s The West Wing FL Abigail Bartlet, who just came back from an FL duty somewhere in Pakistan, talking to her husband President Jed Bartlet, after an outburst caused by a moment of powerlessness to stop a strike of the trucking industry, manage a small natural disaster and negotiate a siege, all that should be dealt with, while the White House is hosting a dinner for the president of an Asian country:

You know, one of the things that happens when I stay away too long, is that you forget that you don’t have to power to fix everything. You have a big brain. And a good heart. And an ego the size of Montana…(Y)ou don’t have the power to fix everything…but I do like watching you try.

Awww. For me that’s very sweet. Sometime in the far future, I will be very supportive of my partner without having to share limelight space. I’m going to shine on my own, and hopefully he will be proud of me as well. Among many other things.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Earth-dwellers!

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  1. belated happy valentines!

    I was talking to a friend on the 14th. He said na ang greetings daw nya instead na “happy valentines” is “crappy valentines” =p

  2. belated happy hearts day! see you soon.

  3. ^ yamifren,

    isang ordinaryong araw lang din. late ako nagising, naligo, nanood ng the west wing, nakitelebabad mga isang oras, naglaro ng Mafia Wars, naging taumbahay kase nag-date nanay ko, nanood ng House, naki-fangirl online with fellow house/cuddy fans, nakipagchat sa facebook tas nanood ng knocked up sa HBO na wala palang kwentang pelikula. overall, masaya naman.

    ikaw, kumusta naman ang balentayms mo?

  4. kamusta pala valentines mo, yummy friend?


  1. While I was out… « hello, stranger.

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