Josh Lyman, ILU. =D

Because of my House phase, I temporarily forgot that this video used to be one of my favorites in youtube.  I even have an audio file of it and it’s proudly included in my playlist before Sophie’s initial crash (and now she’s dead, in case you didn’t catch my Facebook status a week ago, sniff sniff). Anyway, if you followed the boys and girls of The West Wing, you’ll like this as well. I admit I appreciated Bradley Whitford only when I became hooked on Studio 60, even though I kind of followed The West Wing before (because my favorite then was C.J. Cregg, played Allison Janney, who was the Press Secretary).  I love the dynamic of the cast and I’m starting to grow another stem of fan affection for the witty and brazen First Lady Abigail Bartlet, played by Stockard Channing.

Oh anyway, here’s Bradley Whitford’s 2001 Emmy speech when he won Best Supporting Actor for his portrayal of Deputy Chief of Staff Josh Lyman:

In a related matter, here’s a very recent interview of Bradley Whitford about his TWW role being patterned after Rahm Emanuel, when he was still advisor to the Clinton presidency. Now, of course, you know that Rahm  is Chief of Staff to President Obama. And that his brother Ari, a Hollywood agent, is where the character of Ari Gold in Entourage was patterned from. But that would be too much information for now. 😀

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  1. i wish i had enought time to watch tv.

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