Dear Yummy Friend,

It will take me a while to return your copy of Breaking Dawn. It’s just a painful drag, sorry. It took you a century to finish Twilight, didn’t you? And to think that for me, that’s the only one in the series that made sense.

Akala mo kung ano sasabihin ko ano??? Hahaha =) Admittedly, for a nanosecond you got me thinking there, kaya lang I snapped out of it kasi I’d rather make pakialam with the recent activity of David Plouffe than that. Hindi naman yan juicy! 😀 I’m not BS-ing you ha, especially kasi Mr. Plouffe, I heard, will have a hand in orchestrating the campain of my ex-boyfriend next year. San ka pa?! Walang ganyan si “Metro Guwapo”, kahit pa meron yung iba na “Sipag at Tiyaga”! Hahaha!

You know why I’m happy today? Because it’s House day.

(your twisted yummy friend)
Lisa Cuddy, MD
Dean of Awesomeness

Categories: Friend Judie, Random Judie

6 replies

  1. i bought it for the ladies…
    enough said

  2. yes, i bought it at walmart
    san ka pa

  3. wooooow!! sige sige tapusin na so we can kwento! =D to raft3r, talaga $10 lang??? hardbound pa?? i bought mine for about $25 =(

    the honeymoon is hot!! wala na silang ginawa kundi jumugjug! sana ako na lang yon!! waaaaaaaah

    pero hindi, i heart jacob. i prefer jake over 100 year old edward. he acts like an old man! pero shet, parang ang sarap nya magmahal!!

  4. wow
    a post entirely devoted to me
    sana lang hindi paalam sa buong mundo bumili ako ng breaking dawn, ano
    disclaimer: i bought it kasi $10 lang sya, namurahan ako, hard bound eh
    o, lusot na ba

  5. ^ aw really? andun palang ako sa honeymoon nila, would you believe? pero sige na nga, tapusin ko na. nabbhay ulit ang twilight mania sa office. me mga latebloomers, hehe.

  6. For a while Judie, Breaking Dawn is my comfortzone. Diba yan yun story where Bella is learning how to survive without Edward. Kakaiba yun story..and na-appreciate ko ng konti si Jacob =)

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