the only me you get

This is not a filler post although maybe it is. Nonetheless, the moment I watched the episode of House last Tuesday, I knew I’m going to smile at these lines even after a few days. I could be taking them all in without complete regard for the progression of the episode and their characters through the years, or maybe I am not. Eh, I’m just full of contradictions lately. Anyway, here:

Cuddy: You’re afraid of being happy.

House: Why do you care if I’m happy?

Cuddy: (She stares at House but breaks it immediately) You’re afraid of change. The one thing you have is your intellect. You think if that’s compromised, you have nothing. Just take it (methadone).”

House: No.

Cuddy: Don’t do this.

House: It’s already done. (He throws the drug in the trash). This is the only me you get.

I am amused with Cuddy because she has thrown herself at House too many times after their kiss last year*, and she has fallen flat on the floor most of, if not all, the time. I would have preferred the Cuddy of the first two seasons, or probably until the kiss. Anyway, I just like her for trying. At one point, we all have had. She will grow tired of it soon, I mean trying to change House in order to start something with him; soon she will be back to simply being “Rationalization Man’s faithful sidekick” (the man being Wilson!).

So to Dr. Cuddy…you go, girl. Hahaha! =)

*This is actually an alternate take of the kiss, which was hotter than what made it into the episode, IMHO, because for one, there was House’s lower lip’s semi-quiver when they broke the kiss…and I like that in a man, not necessarily House lang, hihihi! =)

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  1. Lai – i hope you get to the sixth episode of the current season soon. thats where the kiss happened, hihihi =) and yeah i loved the baby-naming thingie of rachel. i laughed when cuddy admitted she didn’t want house to go talaga, and when house said fine, di he’s not going na, and cuddy shifted gears and parang disappointingly asked, “really, you’re not going?”, and house said, yup, he’s not and he blurted, “God, I feel so grown up” very sarcastically. ay did i make sense? i just love that scene. anyway…

    Raft3r – secret. hehe.

  2. yay i can relate! i liked that scene, but i haven’t seen the episode where they kissed! i’m working my way down last season’s episodes, and I haven’t come across that one yet…

    what about last week’s episode? with Cuddy pretending she didn’t want House to go to her adopted daughter’s “binyag”, yet you can see in her eyes that she longed for him to be there and was disappointed when it wasn’t House at the door when she opened it. Wilson knew it, hence, the eye contact with a brief smile. she SO wants him… he does too, but fighting it…. aaaahhhhh the tension… kakakilig!

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