status: busy

Busy with real life, my love!

I am happy that I learned how to lower my expectations. Now, I am not expecting too much from everything, everyone, even from myself. I’ve done it for most of my adult life and looking back, I reached what I did and got what I have with my (skewed) expectations not necessarily playing a huge part. I couldn’t live without it, but a modified, more humane version of it would do.

I am enjoying bits and pieces of my life now. One thing though— I used to say something because I want to [and I mean it], but not necessarily to hear it back [so I didn’t hear it back]. Funny now that  I am hearing it back. 🙂 No complaints, though. I’m loving it but I’m taking it one day at a time. And I have no expectations at all anymore. I could even move on to the next one because I’ve been swimming in that water for too long and face it, it’s not gonna get cleaner than what it used to be. I’ve waded through it and messed with it and what have you. Rather than replace the water, might as well move to a new, better pool. Eh, that’s a long shot. I still suck at metaphors.

Here’s to making each moment count. I have other garbled Watchmen quotes in my head, but I can only remember one from Rorschach (whom I like among all of them): Never compromise. Not even in the face of Armageddon. Pretty hard to do especially since my interest has leaned towards diplomacy and international affairs, but in living my life as a whole, I’d like to do that. However, only in the context of not settling for various shades of grey. Sometimes, I’m too safe, it exactly is the deterrent to making me happy.

Actually, I started feeling like this when I began hauling my huge ass out of the house whenever I can, which translated to getting over brooding and sulking everyday. I’ve neglected House and my cyberfriends (and my cyberstalking, hahaha) but I got more things in return. So yeah, it’s pretty cool outside.

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5 replies

  1. maganda ba yun watchmen?

    btw, you will love my ew post
    pangako yan

    di mo kakayanin yun punch line

  2. ayan, ha
    nag comment na ako
    naunahan nga lang ako ni dong

    yummy friend, can you try commenting sa latest post natin uli
    i tried to de-hack our blog na, eh

    sana next post mo yun tipong “new beginning” ang dating

    kamusta gbelt 5?

  3. ^ hahaha thanks, dong! being a rehabilitated emo myself, i hope they all follow suit. 😉

    congrats pala sa GET LOST! thingie ha. cool. 🙂

  4. “I am enjoying bits and pieces of my life now. “>>> great! i hope the emos will learn from your post.

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