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ang-saya-saya– I feel very productive. See, it’s only Tuesday! I won’t allow anyone or anything to pop this feel-good balloon.  

– I’m hosting Game Night on Friday. I feel excited and giddy and funny and more. When I feel them things usually go well. I hope. Well, it’s a night to have fun so it should be easy.

– A weekend out of town. My no-burst fluffy bubble is soaring high. I’ll just worry about my finances later. Damn you, fiscal crisis.

– I deliberately chose to feel good about most things in my life that my biggest concern now is how to get bodyguards in Mafia Wars. That Hitman job that’s supposed to yield me bodyguards has been greedy and random. With my level (currently at 62, yipee!), it’s hard to fight other mafias and actually win (to earn bodyguards), because my mafia family only has 24 people.

– I ordered a bagel with bacon, egg and cheese at Starbucks. They gave me a bagel with tomatoes, basil and cheese. I did not complain anymore. The universe wants me to eat healthier.

– To compensate, I went shopping. =)

– I am looking at 19 days until the day and I don’t want to make a big deal out of it. (*Thinks of my no-burst happy bubble.*)

– Funny that my bestfriend and I have the same predicament with men; we (man/boy and I) may not be kissing (and other related activities) but all else considered, we’re (my bestfriend and I) fucked up the same way. Hahaha! Anyway, man/boy may not be AS good looking but he’s definitely way more intelligent (not necessarily sensible, but you get the drift). Just saying. =)

– I am so into Twitter. I rarely ‘tweet’ but I’m enjoying the ‘tweets’ of Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, John Mayer, House writers Sara Hess and Doris Egan, even Omar Epps and Stephen Fry. Ha! Celebrity whore! Does ‘following’ the State Department’s official Twitter account (mind you, I was ‘followed’ as well!) vindicate my Twitter stalking?

– I appreciate lots of food (I’m not picky at all) but one of Restaurante Pia y Damaso‘s dessert choices, Sisa’s Dementia, stands out in my list. It’s terrific, it is made of win! Truffle cake with white chocolate almond pastille, dark chocolate mousse and ganache – you just have to try it. Rarrrr. It’s the only reason I keep on coming back, even if the others in their menu are just so-so.

– My blood stream is now powered by/running on Coke Zero. I’m almost sure. That thing simply keeps me up and about!

– I’m doing well at work (I think), I’m generally happy, I am always out, but my reading is really taking the backseat. I don’t feel as guilty as I used to. Maybe I know they will just be there waiting for me anyway. It’s a shame to admit that I almost don’t like reading now but I just tell myself it will pass.

– I think I’m going to name my future daughter Sasha Olivia Judienne. Just a thought. Sasha is actually a Russian male name, a variation of Alexander. It has a nice ring to it so I’ll stick with it. I’ll go for Jakob Alexander for my son. Maybe I’ll put Vladimir in the middle. This trumps, once again, my current list of potential baby names. My babies hopefully would come in 10 years or so, that’s why there’s no need to rush.  I’m just keeping my (ever-changing) list handy. For now, Mommy’s gotta sleep…no, watch Chelsea Lately, and then sleep. =) 

x x x

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  1. may poll pala ako sa blog
    itong should i stay or should i go ba?

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