Love & Hate Lists

I hate:

  • hmphthis asshole of a politician who had to stop traffic in Quirino Avenue corner Osmeña Highway because she’s passing through…it was not that we were simply halted as soon as the first car in her bazillions of entourage came to view…we had to be stopped for a  nasty 15 minutes because the traffic enforcers did not have handheld radios to know how far or near she is yet. That’s just stupid and irresponsible and frankly an abuse of power. It was 7:10 am, when the struggling working class was going to work. Hayop talaga. I wish the next time she does that, particularly to that stretch of busy highway, a mighty giant trailer truck careens uncontrollably and tips over her vehicle, leaving her dead and flat. (Oh my, my anger management therapist, where are you?!)
  • “healers” who give freaky predictions over someone just because their incompetent selves cannot detect a pulse, or generate a response no matter how much they “pray over” someone — I’m a firm believer that prayer is the strongest weapon we could ever arm ourselves with but hey, I believe in the power of medicine, too. Leave it to the guys who went to med school. Just pray, hello.
  • people constantly telling me I’m fat. Especially when I’m with my mother. I get it, she’s slim and doesn’t look 51 with a daughter who is overweight. Sabi nga ni House, this is the only me you get. If it’s out of concern, still, shut up. It’s  like I speak back to you about your low IQ, lack of acceptable manners, or even your disgusting toenails. So zip it, please.
  • people reacting to my “reading time” as if I’m growing a second head right before their very eyes. It makes me happy – reading in a coffeeshop, either alone or with someone who’s reading, too – and there’s nothing wrong with that. See, I may like going out more now but it still doesn’t take away the truth that I prefer an activity like reading than yakking about other people’s lives EVERY SINGLE NIGHTOUT. Tsk.

I love:

  • Dr. Cuddy because SHE FINALLY GOT RID OF HER BANGS! That thing has bothered me since Joy To The World. And the legs, *witwiw*!

screencap from Here, Kitty (House 5x18) screencap from Here, Kitty (House 5x18)

  • the thrill of hopping on a bus for a grueling 3-hour ride just to have dinner with good friends
  • wonderful friends who tell you how great AND stupid you are, and have sufficient reasons (and clout) to justify them
  • a job well-done
  • following everything in my planner, right down to the tiniest activity listed down
  • a change of pace in my job. It was only two weeks but I really had fun. My boss said I will do it again in June when she leaves for another two weeks. *excited icon*
  • Jason Segel. Matagal na ‘to. He’s the reason why I love How I Met Your Mother. Well, him and Barney Stinson. Kahit na-typecast na loser, I really find him SOO HOT.
  • BLEACH! Ichigo Kurosaki!
  • new comfortable shoes
  • my new orange umbrella
  • trips, trips, trips!
  • that I’m spending more time writing on Charlotte (THE journal)
  • white cheddar popcorn from Taters
  • …and many more! It’s only March, you know.

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1 reply

  1. go easy on gma
    matagal pa natin magiging presidente yan
    20 votes na lang at chacha na
    go gma
    the best ka
    ingat, ha

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