In less than 24 hours, I realized that:

  • Café Mary Grace in Serendra has awesome pasta dishes
  • only 1 in 10 taxis will want to bring you to Serendra if you’re coming from Roxas Boulevard
  • that lone taxi’s driver will ask for a fixed fare which will make you think he wants to treat himself and three of his friends to Starbucks venti frappes. No way, chicken satay.
  • the EDSA-Taft station of MRT and the next five stations (which fortunately I only had to endure until Guadalupe) transform into hell at past 5 pm on Fridays.
  • for ALL times I entered Fully Booked in High Street, I never left without a purchase.
  • I now have 878 books in my TBR pile
  • I am so invested in House MD that spoilers affect me =(
  • it’s difficult to have people go to a jazz performance even if it will happen on a non-work day. Kind of affirms the Joshua Bell experiment that Gabi told us last night.
  • I have an unhealthy obsession with Jason Segel.
  • I haven’t had coffee in 8 days!
  • weekends are still made of win =)

Categories: Random Judie

8 replies

  1. yummy friend
    long time, no see
    i posted a pix sa malibay
    lemme know what you think

    btw, wala ako sa work ngayon

  2. Happy Weekend! hehe.. pinaalala mo, pnta nga pala ako Fully Booked. hehehe 😀 yay!

  3. grabe trapik that day! and i came from the other side of the city. hahah

    and why do i even get overwhelmed thinking that my TBR pile is huge? yours is 8> WOWZA!!!

  4. hahaha… cool post. i should do this one time.

  5. ^ you’re back, yung parang adik mag-comment hahaha!!!

    hoy, i WAS in gbelt since 2 pm. attended cathy’s book launch…and watched the jazz thingie. dumating pa si kristie and the gang. hmmm.

    i took my bloglist down for a while kasi di na updated. i’m thinking of putting it in a blogroll na nga lang para automatic, i was too proud lang to have my own format kase kaya it was a separate page. (relevant? hehe)

    lastly, aminin mo na, tinamad ka mag-OT. pano ka pa magkaka-commissioner’s award nyan? hay nako, continue “A.K.-ing” na nga lang. hahaha…

  6. teka
    bakit wala yun bloglist mo dito?

  7. turned out pala
    at did not wake up early pala

    yan ang nagagawa ng bagong gising at todo comment agad

  8. hehe
    happy weekend, yummy friend

    as it turned off, i didn’t up wake up early enough for ot

    on my way to gbelt
    sama ka?

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