freeflowing gibberish

I just want to annoy all of you.

mind-wandered-tdog0105When I grow up I want to be like my Chief. Bold, kickass, strong. Yeah! I love planning for training and other related sappy and cheesy activities. I mentally counted my steps from the office to Robinson’s and it barely reached the 10K “healthy” expectation. You know what’s funny today? While eating in a small food space serving below par “Asian fusion” food, reading Japanese Women Don’t Get Old Or Fat [Secrets From My Mother’s Tokyo Kitchen], three Japanese men sat beside my table! Ang iingay! I can’t tell them naman na, “Kampai!!!” kasi green tea lang iniinom ko, dyahe. LOL. By the way, beside Telecom World a new branch of Volare will open soon!  The best news I received today was in form of a phone call from my “box partner” who lives four streets away from me. Our book shipment arrived already! I’m going to “claim” my new babies tomorrow night. So, that officially puts my TBR number to 915. Addict? Parang hindi naman!!! Oh, Punta de Uian is fully booked from April to May. If it’s the same situation in Hotel Pat’il, tara na at i-go ang Tali Beach option!!! Ayaw kasi mag-Pandan Beach eh. Akala ko ba gusto nyo malayo na di naman gaanong malayo?? Labo nyo. I stayed away from caffeine today. It’s hard but I did it. Ang bilis tuloy uminit ng ulo ko. =( I really want to buy either a classic iPod or an iPod Touch. Sophie isn’t dead completely pala, but she’s on life support, aka dapat laging plugged. Ang loser! Pero ang color nya, parang last month lang binili, hahaha! I took care of her really well pala.  

I feel grateful that the Enter key was invented. Aren’t you?

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3 replies

  1. ^ hahaha, still, parang di naman! having a system ang tawag dun!
    eh matatapos ko na nga yung Excel list ko ng lahat ng books ko eh.
    TRUE LOVE ang tawag dun.

  2. having a vast collection of books does not make you an adik
    conducting a head count of all your book does

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