highlights of my day

This was all of Cuddy’s appearance in House’s most recent episode, LOCKED IN. An episode which was awesome, by the way.  I’m happy that the writers are getting better with their installments as the season draws to a close.

This may not interest you at all especially if you do not watch House. However, I just loved seeing Cuddy care for House like this.  She even used the same concerned tone when she asked ARE YOU OKAY? as in THE ITCH (which is the episode after their kiss).

I am a House/Cuddy shipper but I’m not  as floopy as the others who freak out at every NO CUDDY sighting. Come on, guys. Watch the SHOW. Anyway…if it makes you happy, go ahead.

I still want to be like Dr. Cuddy. Hmm, should I do something to make [my] House limp as Cuddy’s House does? Hahaha, I hope it didn’t come across creepy. I don’t mean to hurt anyone, physically, just so a limp and the use of a cane would be justified. Oh well. Madness.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

vf-aprilGuess what arrived today!

My new obsession (which I refuse to justify anymore, not only because I cannot explain it, but because…what do you care?!) JASON SEGEL, and one of my favorite funny men PAUL RUDD, and more, featured as “Comedy’s New Legends”.

Yeah, Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson, Will Ferrell, et al have to step back a little now. This new breed though, I have yet to appreciate them all as most of their aim in every movie is to depreciate the value of women. Nonetheless, Jason makes me smile. Yay.

The feature spread along with a Madoff for dummies-like article, plus Rachel Maddow, Valentino in the Proust Questionnaire, and rethinking the American dream make up an interesting issue.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

I’m expecting to put my new “babies” as another highlight but I canceled my pick-up because my box partner will be home late. This weekend, my babies, momma will get all of ya. =)

WHAT WEEKEND??? A little later after I published this post, I got a call, and to keep it short, I decided to pick the books up from her place. Most of them are mass market paperback copies of suspense-thrillers and military/government espionage.  I was never into them, I was content browsing them at store shelves; thought it might be high time to give them a try.  They would not be springing in multitudes if there’s nothing in it.  The others are hybrid fiction novels.  Here’s a little preview of my new loot:

new books (well, some of)My night visitors. Well, some of. Pardon the darkness of the picture, LOL. (top to bottom):

From The Mixed-Up Files Of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler by E.L. Konigsburg;
Riven Rock by T.C. Boyle;
Enigma by Robert Harris;
Goth: A Novel of Horror by Otsuichi;
Night Witches by Bruce Myles;
Bushpig by Carol Preston;
A Graveyard For Lunatics by Ray Bradbury;
Billy Bathgate by E.L. Doctorow;
All Too Human by George Stephanopoulos (crushie);
Good As Gold by Joseph Heller.

As a replacement, let’s just say I ALSO got new ones, albeit electronic in format.



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2 replies

  1. hi, mimie!!!
    hahaha minsan they do get mixed up, especially the main characters, pero i noticed it happens pag lang sabay ko binabasa yung 2 to 3 books lalo na pareho ng setting or genre.

    minsan naman i barely remember plot points lalo pag sobrang tagal na. yeah, unless nga they stood out like the books you’ve named. i loved them too (try hosseini’s A Thousand Splendid Suns, while TKR was great, I liked A Thousand…in so many levels…eh me pagka-closet feminista yata kasi ako).

    anyway i hope you finish whatever you’re reading now. i read that youre also busy with your goodies for tselogs! hope i can taste them soon! =)

  2. judith, question lang….sa sobrang daming books na ang nabasa mo, don’t they get all mixed up in your head? hehehe kasi ako ganon e. i surely don’t read as much as you do, but i manage to get some reading done every now and then. like for nicholas sparks novels….since they are more or less the same, i can’t tell each one apart anymore unless it’s turned to a movie and i saw it. only a few books really stand out like the kite runner, life of pi and memoirs of a geisha. my current read is proving to be part of the latter. i hope i finish this soon. =)

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