i’m half-asleep all day but…

I just have to say these things.

Danny Gokey did well tonight. I loved his choice of song, too. I’m a words-before-melody kind of listener so when one sings anything by Rascal Flatts, I’m sure to listen well. Part of why I liked Danny tonight was his song, What Hurts The Most, which he Gokey-fied, so to speak.

What hurts the most
Was being so close
And having so much to say
And watching you walk away
And never knowing
What could have been
And not seeing that loving you
Is what I was tryin’ to do


Kris Allen was awesome, too. Ain’t No Sunshine, as in the Bill Withers classic, is one of my favorites in my playlist. Adam Lambert was cool but even if I appreciate the spunk, his shrieks and wails get too boring. He’s interesting, yes, but I think his range is actually limited. We’re all just awed by him. Para syang ‘outlier’. My crush, Matt Giraud, for me did well, too. Eh, I love that song that he did by The Fray eh.

The rest of the contestants were okay but Megan Joy should go home tomorrow night.

Now I will sleep early. I have to do this so I can see my thirties.  Damn, I’ll miss Chelsea and Chuy.

[Last na ito, promise. Doesn’t it bother you when you hear this on TV? –  “That Beddy es sooo irridading. She shed be keeked out of Ehcuh-Mowda.”  (Original line goes: That Betty is so irritating. She should be kicked out of Eco-Moda.)   Haiii.]

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