house hopping

The internet’s suddenly very boring to me. I watched House and Full House episodes to make it useful to me. I added a few Chelsea Lately roundtables, too. My brain melted once more. I tried to redeem it by finishing Outliers but I slept after two pages.

I woke up this morning with no voice at all. I’m also nursing a nasty cough. I stretched myself too much last night but how can you say no to good food and a night of fun and sweaty dancing? I hope to be well by Tuesday.

This is a very boring Saturday.

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  1. yes, pwersahan talaga ang pagcomment mo
    kasi nga may sala ka sakin, diba?

    wala ko binili tv series
    gusto ko sana smallville at supernatural
    pero wala, eh

    babalik ako bukas
    dutyfree lang kami kanina, eh

    • hoy, kala ko ba ala kang issues? let it go! once again, hindi ko kasalanang paranoid and immature ang friend mo. helllooo =)

      anyway, sana pagbalik mo me supernatural. ayaw mo how i met your mother? yun na lang kesa pushing daisies. funny din yun.

  2. you do know about my love affair with julia, right?

    moa ka na

    balik din ako don ngayon o baka bukas
    naisip kong bilin un xfiles2 + mirrors, eh

  3. ^ dami ba tao? i hate crowds. chos! i hope i feel better tomorrow, otherwise, puro sign language gagawin ko para makabili. =(

    and oh, i will not ask why you bought Pretty Woman but i just judged you. hahaha! i love you =)

    feeling ko meron na din house. check ko.

  4. punta ka moa
    diko napansin yun house sa dvd sale, eh
    pero tulo laway ako
    sarap mamili
    eto loot ko:
    prince caspian
    the nightmare before christmas
    pretty woman (DONT ASK!!!)
    medyo nakakatakot
    kasi majority ng mga nandon, meron na tayo

    happy weekend, yummy friend
    dvd sale lang katapat ng karamdaman mo
    punta na moa!

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