same old same old

writing-rule-eternalphoenixOne thing that has not changed about me is that I’m too easy. From another perspective, I can view it as being an understanding friend. My stubborn feelings considered, I’m more geared towards believing that no matter how hurt I am, once I get something in return, I will fall for every word – hook, line and sinker – simply because I want to. I tried resisting the expectations, taking each situation only at face value because I was made to feel nothing beyond it could happen; somewhere along the way, something just slipped. And it will continue to be in that state until an undetermined time because even if it hurts me, it makes me happy in the overall context of whatever’s happening, so I let it permeate my existence.

When I tell people in my circle I will refuse talking about something already, a tiny part of me isn’t completely honest because I know I can always blog. And people will be reading. Excessive self-love? I don’t know. You are reading this now, why don’t you go ahead and tell me?

Categories: Random Judie

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  1. everything is relative

  2. same ole fucking story – kanta yan ni pareng cyndi lauper
    have a listen

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