I could blow through the ceiling if I just turn and run

Today’s a particularly gloomy day saved by a few highlights.

by-deeper_well-in-ljI received a call from a former graduate school professor inviting me to a week-long intensive course next month about a subject matter I’m sort of passionate about (passionate, and I can’t bear to strike out ‘sort of’, hah!). I told him I’ll think about it mainly because the course fee is steep for my recession-affected purse (but I didn’t tell him that).  I have yet to check our leave calendar as well.  It will be given to a select few from different national agencies – I guess I was thought of as an “interested individual”, having no relevant exposure nor training remotely connected to the subject matter.  Anyway, I hope I get to decide on it soon. Say, before this week ends.  A little part of me says it will provide tremendous distraction for me, and what distraction could be more useful than something you can use later in padding your CV?


HOUSE day.  I watched grainy parts during my lunch break.  It was shocking but a good episode.  I know I will think more of it had I steered clear of spoilers.  A cast member leaving the show to pursue another passion couldn’t be more house-is-cute-resvil1agreeable, even if I like the character so much.  The episode next week would provide answers to most of the issues left hanging in tonight’s show.  I refuse to expect too much from it because it’s just a TV show! I am shamelessly invested in it but I take everything it offers anyway. It’s not like I can influence it or anything. One thing I was kind of turned off yet amused at the same time was the online “memorial” for the character who left.  And I thought I’m already tacky and cheesy, eh? I will admit though that I particularly loved the “messages” by the late character’s co-workers, especially the ones left by Dr. Cuddy (who knew Kutner babysat Rachel? We only know he did it last season for Cole’s baby) and by Dr. Cameron (I agree, of the new ducklings, he’s House’s “favorite”…of the old ones, I sincerely believe House had more confidence in Foreman. It’s just me though).


by-iconfluence-at-lj-31“It’s always better to have it out there” was my good friend PDG’s comment on my (annoying) habit of writing something and letting my guilt eat me 2 milliseconds after I hit the ‘Publish’ button.  It made sense, reinforcing the importance of standing for my honest thoughts regardless of who will read them.  However, it contrasted heavily with the cliche “Think before you speak” – or in this case, type.  It’s not because I am not honest, if anything, I actually reek of bluntness; thing is, everything’s only from my vantage point.  I decided to follow the latter for the sake of less controversy but let me just tell you, this is one of the results of choosing not to deal with me. Hahaha, spoiled brat talaga ano, do you even hear the phantom, “Humarap ka dito, pakinggan mo ang lahat ng sasabihin ko“? No wonder I am poised to grow old alone. Pusa lang ang makakatiyaga sa akin.

However, I will let days pass to make me see things clearly.  The sentiment will not change, I will just make sure that when I put them out there, I know I have a solid basis.  That’s enough for me to throw everything in the air.  Come on, I deserve this, don’t I?


Lastly, is it odd reading Joe Hill (who happens to be Stephen King’s son!) during Holy Week? I asked because Heart-Shaped Box and 20th Century Ghosts prominently appeared on my nightstand, my wonderful reading companions before I sleep. I said before di ba, when reading becomes a duty rathen than for enjoyment, it’s time to think it over.  Wala namang rule against that ano? Meron ba? Say, because I’m supposedly Catholic?


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  1. Have a Blessed Holy Week, yummy friend!
    That all in things God may be glorified.

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