I just had to add this…

Moving on from my post below, I decided to eat instant noodles and dark chocolates for dinner.  I want to promise my future husband that I will learn to cook edible food when we’re married; this is just a phase. Well, unless the future husband is a chef or loves to cook, then I am under no obligation to learn to cook, you sucker. Anyway…

I stayed away from Chelsea Lately episodes (there’s one I caught right after TMZ but it was only one, hey) yesterday being Good Friday and all. It’s such a fun but brainless show and I’m disappointed I can’t encourage people to watch it.  I now know most of her roundtable panelists (one of the regulars is a Filipino-American named Jo Koy) but I got to say that Loni Love is my favorite apart from Chelsea. I also like Natasha Leggero, who’s like a perpetually drunk (but very funny) Eliza Dushku.  I am only a closet bully so I guess just like all fans “living vicariously” through Gregory House, I am the same towards Chelsea because I’m not that brave yet to hurl insults and comments in that degree, yet she does it effortlessly. I also get a kick out of coslopus, one of Chelsea’s favorite terms which I give you the liberty to find the meaning of because I don’t want to appear so pervy on Black Saturday.

There.  Of the thousand things I wanted to say but DID NOT, I just had to release some because my self-imposed abstinence from communicating is not funny anymore. Ang hirap ha. =( I am conditioning myself that this will be for the best, especially now that everything does not seem so interesting anymore.

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  1. see you next week, yummy friend
    wish me luck

    excited nako sa the strangers

  2. white trash is pure bliss

  3. chelsea lately is funny. the roundtable is hilarious! i love Jokoy! He was in the last episode i watched a couple of nights ago. he also comments on those VH1 “i love the 80’s/90’s/etc” shows. i saw one of his stand-ups online, and he’s really funny!

    by the way, the last house episode shocked the hell outta me!

    • love it that you also like chelsea lately! dito bihira ako makakita ng may gusto. ayan lang sa baba, si yummy friend, LOL!

      re: house – i know, i know! i knew kutner was going but i thought sa end pa papakita. mag-uumpisa na ang breakdown ni house…eh lagi naman sya nani-near death pag season ender, expect pala nung S1. hahaha! =)

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