so come on courage, teach me to be to be shy

Using this image for the second time!

Two days of brainless activities fueled by cheese toast and ripe mangoes.

It has been the story of my life since my last post.  I consider it my version of ‘sacrifice’ although in most religious barometers, my lifestyle wouldn’t come close to a life of sacrifice.

I found myself alone on Friday and most of today.  Finally, my preference to be alone, and to not be dragged to traditional practices, were finally heard.  The only downside  was being left with a refrigerator with barely anything that I like.

So I survived by eating cheese toast and ripe mango, fried tofu and rice, vienna sausage and bread, cheese toast and ripe mango, cheese toast and ripe mango.  I’m surprised I didn’t develop prickly heat with all the ripe mangoes I ate. I terribly miss meat.

If you are close to me at this messy point in my life, you would know that I VERY SELDOM like telephone calls. I only have a few people whom I want to be calling me and most of the time they never do. Hahaha! Well, one of them did, and it was some time well wasted.

Talking to STH is always understandably long because we have the same taste in many things.  I have better taste in men though…and if you know the kind of men I fancy, you can form an idea on what kind of men she digs. Don’t judge, she has more redeeming qualities. Hahaha!

In a nutshell, we talked at length about the season finale of House (and because I’m a bratty spoilerwhore, I would like to bet that since House will battle insomnia because of Kutner’s death and many other things, the solution that he will pursue to sleep is to have sex with Cuddy.  It’s just me but hey, sex makes you sleepy, right? I don’t have a way of knowing but it does, last I heard), my career path, Paul Rudd and why can’t people remember that he’s in one of our favorite movies, Shiloh Jolie-PittJennifer Aniston (although we argued on John Mayer‘s douchebag-ness because she hated him to bits and I don’t — I like how pathetic he is), Twitter and how come she can’t like it, Oscar best pictures awardees, the difference among Sundance, Cannes, Aspen, Tribeca and Barcelona film festivals and our European (dream) trip. It was fun.  

I shamelessly spent time on Facebook commenting on friends’ uploaded pictures, playing with Little Greg (in Pet Society), working my way to be a bigtime Mafia boss, planting and harvesting in Farm Town, and answering trivia quizzes. What a life, I know.

If you think that’s simply it, how about a marathon of Ghost Whisperer, a fresh episode of Chelsea Lately, and more time-killing via Murder, She Wrote, Mission: Impossible (the super old series), CSI, Underbelly and  Monk (I miss Sharona!!!) that filled my days?

Just so you know, a household in our street enjoyed a back-to-back-to-back (it goes on and on) replay of the family-oriented soap May Bukas Pa and they made sure the whole street knew that’s what they’re doing.  I don’t mean to offend anyone or say something bad about the show and the act itself…sinasabi ko lang.

My initial plan was not followed.  I did not finish the books I intended to finish; instead I started new ones.  To each his/ her own, everyone.  I managed to finish two paperback thrillers though, and now I’m almost done with Nightwatch.  I saw The Last Watch in Powerbooks last week so I better hurry to finish the first three so I can buy it already.

It’s almost dinner time.  I better go ahead and make my toast. I only have two mangoes left, by the way.

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3 replies

  1. yummy friend,
    nood ka my bestfriend’s girlfriend sa channel 7 ngayon!
    kapuso, makulay ang buhay

  2. you should have put up your blogroll para mas productive ka

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