losing my blog mojo

…I tried retracing my steps, by the way. It’s really gone somewhere.

I hang out a lot in Twitter so you can check the right side for updates on my crazy life. Even if you don’t, you won’t probably miss much.

However, let me try. In a nutshell:

  • I loved last Monday’s episode of House. I still didn’t like Cuddy’s hair.
  • I got crazy and bought DVDs. I now have the complete set of The West Wing and the first seasons of Boston Legal, Damages, Moonlight and the classic Twin Peaks. Yo, TV time, here I come.
  • As much as I like hearing about other people’s lives, the direction that the case of Mrs. Failon is heading to disgusts me. I personally believe it’s suicide. It’s not something we always have to disprove just because there are inconsistencies.  Maybe I’m just coming from an overload of discussion over a fictional character’s suicide but at the end of this argument, just like what the elder Failon child said, this is a tragic event in the family, it shouldn’t be made into a spectacle.
  • I got crazy and bought more books.  Think of a heroin addict who cannot help but grab all heroin he could find. I’m like that.
  • I almost cried because even if I constantly find something to whine about my job, reading an awesome evaluation from my boss makes a huge difference. To my ego, sure.  I felt guilty after reading it. But it will be false humility to say I did not deserve it so a sincere thank you was the best I could do.  I thanked my boss and he told me, in jest, that he even has more to say that he can’t put in the evaluation. I jokingly replied, “Sir, I know that I’m beyond words.” Hahaha! Seriously though, it’s the best picker-upper after a succession of shitty painful events.
  • I loved the ‘save’ that the judges did for Matt Giraud.
  • Chelsea started a little segment in her show called Lately Lexicon and guess what’s the first word she defined? Yup, coslopus. Hahaha!
  • I always catch myself daydreaming about going to the beach.
  • I always catch myself daydreaming about Jason Segel. The twisted part is not thinking of him as in him but it’s like I used him to have a physical reference to think of a guy I think I’d like to be with. (Let’s not be hypocrites, we all do it, hahaha! Although knowing me, this may just be neurosis.)
  • Check out my desktop! I love it =)


That’s it. Cheers to life, no matter how it pummels you to the ground one second then lifts you up to the highest of clouds the next. Ganun talaga.

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4 replies

  1. “Did you retrace your steps? Does your cleaning lady check your pockets, because…”

    hehehe… loved the episode. the last part actually made me jump a bit. scary!

  2. Congrats on a job well done! Galing mo kasi eh! Mana sa akin! I hope si Josh paglaki magmana sa Ninang! Haha!

    • hehe thank youuuu! yep, kanino pa ba ako magmamana kundi sa’yo. i hope that josh will be like me, too. naks, yabang! basta wag lang yung maldita tendencies, he’s good =)

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