losing my blog mojo

…I tried retracing my steps, by the way. It’s really gone somewhere.

I hang out a lot in Twitter so you can check the right side for updates on my crazy life. Even if you don’t, you won’t probably miss much.

However, let me try. In a nutshell:

  • I loved last Monday’s episode of House. I still didn’t like Cuddy’s hair.
  • I got crazy and bought DVDs. I now have the complete set of The West Wing and the first seasons of Boston Legal, Damages, Moonlight and the classic Twin Peaks. Yo, TV time, here I come.
  • As much as I like hearing about other people’s lives, the direction that the case of Mrs. Failon is heading to disgusts me. I personally believe it’s suicide. It’s not something we always have to disprove just because there are inconsistencies.  Maybe I’m just coming from an overload of discussion over a fictional character’s suicide but at the end of this argument, just like what the elder Failon child said, this is a tragic event in the family, it shouldn’t be made into a spectacle.
  • I got crazy and bought more books.  Think of a heroin addict who cannot help but grab all heroin he could find. I’m like that.
  • I almost cried because even if I constantly find something to whine about my job, reading an awesome evaluation from my boss makes a huge difference. To my ego, sure.  I felt guilty after reading it. But it will be false humility to say I did not deserve it so a sincere thank you was the best I could do.  I thanked my boss and he told me, in jest, that he even has more to say that he can’t put in the evaluation. I jokingly replied, “Sir, I know that I’m beyond words.” Hahaha! Seriously though, it’s the best picker-upper after a succession of shitty painful events.
  • I loved the ‘save’ that the judges did for Matt Giraud.
  • Chelsea started a little segment in her show called Lately Lexicon and guess what’s the first word she defined? Yup, coslopus. Hahaha!
  • I always catch myself daydreaming about going to the beach.
  • I always catch myself daydreaming about Jason Segel. The twisted part is not thinking of him as in him but it’s like I used him to have a physical reference to think of a guy I think I’d like to be with. (Let’s not be hypocrites, we all do it, hahaha! Although knowing me, this may just be neurosis.)
  • Check out my desktop! I love it =)


That’s it. Cheers to life, no matter how it pummels you to the ground one second then lifts you up to the highest of clouds the next. Ganun talaga.


4 thoughts on “losing my blog mojo

  1. “Did you retrace your steps? Does your cleaning lady check your pockets, because…”

    hehehe… loved the episode. the last part actually made me jump a bit. scary!

  2. Congrats on a job well done! Galing mo kasi eh! Mana sa akin! I hope si Josh paglaki magmana sa Ninang! Haha!

    1. hehe thank youuuu! yep, kanino pa ba ako magmamana kundi sa’yo. i hope that josh will be like me, too. naks, yabang! basta wag lang yung maldita tendencies, he’s good =)

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