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I know that there are three Alan Shores. The good, the bad and the naughty. The good Alan, the man that I saw today in court, is honorable and decent. But you can’t bear the burden of being that man. Thus the bad Alan, who lays to waste everything in his life that seems right. I do have intentions. My intentions are to get beyond the bad which I’ve tried to do again and again by appealing to the good. But it appears to me that perhaps I should be appealing to the naughty.

– Tara Wilson
Boston Legal, 1×5 “An Eye For An Eye”

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5 replies

  1. aba
    friend mo na din si kengkay
    ayos yan
    at taga mali bay

    oo, nice running into you kanina
    don’t forget my dvd bukas, ha
    btw, ano uli name ng friend mo kanina?
    add ko sya sa facebook

    btw, may new post ako
    ya know the drill

    love you!

  2. hi, nakidaan lang para i welkam ka sa WPP 😀

  3. i’m back!!!
    umuulan don
    bakit dito ang init?

    instead of quoting someone a di naman ganon kasikat
    ako nalang iquote mo
    ang starlet ng blogging world

    • hoy thanks sa pag-drop by sa SBC kanina. tambay ka rin pala sa greenbelt ng sunday ha hyuk hyuk hyuk.

      ayoko ikaw i-quote, baka mapahamak ako. hehe. starlet!

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